• Awareness raising for GreenTech

    From Seminar to changing light bulbs

    2015-04-07 |

    In order to create more awareness for energy-efficiency, environmental protection and GreenTech, ebm-papst Ural offered a wide range of seminars and workshops on GreenTech to students and postgraduates as well as their staff and customers.

    Boosting energy-efficiency

    ebm-papst Ural in Yekaterinburg organised a seminar for graduates and postgraduates studying with the Chair for Energy Saving at the Ural Federal University. This seminar aimed at giving comprehensive information on ebm-papst EC GreenTech products. Among other things, the seminar dealt with the benefits of EC fans and their application, what is behind the GreenTech strategy and how to save and go soft on energy resources.

    Apart from this seminar for graduates and postgraduates, another seminar was run for ebm-papst Ural customers. This dealt with news and events focussing on energy-saving and eco-friendliness, as well as EC products and their benefits in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration.

    During the seminar

    During the seminar

    Global and local

    To keep ebm-papst Ural staff comprehensively informed on „energy saving, environmental protection and conservation, and EC GreenTech products“, they were invited to attend an in-house workshop. Workshop discussions included both the global impact of these topics and ways in which every single member of staff could put them into practice.

    At the workshop

    At the workshop

    „Techsovet“ article
    on RadiPac fans

    The Ural-based magazine „Techsovet“ published an article on energy-efficient and eco-friendly fans and motors from ebm-papst and the fact that Russian manufacturers use them for their own products in the fields of ventilation, refrigeration, heating, medical appliances and products of machine building. The main focus of the article was on the so-called RadiPac EC centrifugal fans. These are a line of medium-pressure centrifugal fans with a drive capacity of up to 12 kW in sizes 250 to 1250 mm in outside diameter. These fans have welded impellers with 7 backward curved blades. Due to their EC GreenTech motors, these fans can save up to 60 % in energy.

    Going soft on the environment using LEDs

    Between 22 October and 22 December, ebm-papst Ural successively replaced their 284 luminescent tubes (18 Watts) with LED lamps (7 Watts). With this, they can now save up to 6944 kW power per year and, due to the longer service life the LEDs have, they can also go soft on the environment and save resources.

  • Awareness Campaign

    The “Green Wave”

    2013-10-24 | This summer, the “All-Russia Society for Environmental Protection” organized a series of events aimed at getting clean cities and natural parks and raising awareness for a green future in the Sverdlovsk region. 35 children’s ecological education collectives from 25 municipal entities of the Sverdlovsk region took part in this “Green Wave” campaign.

    Thousands of children and adults staged and took part in major ecological events. Children from children’s ecological education collectives tided up territories, removed hundreds of tons of garbage, installed hundreds of notices and pointers, and planted hundreds of trees and thousands of flowers, submitted scientific projects, created educational materials and used mass media to present their cause and ideas.

    ebm-papst Ural also took part in planting trees in the city. Also, on 18 October 2013, a meeting was held in the “Museum of Nature” devoted to the results of the Green Wave Campaign. State representatives and participants of the campaign joined this meeting along with representatives of ebm-papst Ural.

    Konstantin Molokov, director of еbm-papst Ural, gave a presentation about ebm-papst, energy-saving products, energy-efficient production and our global measures aimed at saving natural resources and protecting the environment. His topics and presentation was received with great interest by all attendees and the mass media. On behalf of the “All-Russia Society for Environmental Protection”, ebm-papst Ural received an award for their contribution to environmental protection and energy saving.

    The “All-Russia Society for Environmental Protection” and ebm-papst Ural agreed to further cooperate in the field of environmental protection and the promotion of ebm-papst products.

  • GreenTech-Seminar

    New collaborations

    2013-07-09 | One 5 June 2013, we held a seminar on GreenTech, electric power saving by using ebm-papst products, advantages of EC fans, their application and ebm-papst activity aimed at protecting the environment and saving energy resources.

    Among the participants were representatives of retail chains in Yekaterinburg, agricultural enterprises, service organizations and vendors of refrigeration equipment. The purpose of the event was to familiarise them with our GreenTech strategy and the benefits in using EC technology in their central and trade refrigeration applications; we also identified objectives in retrofitting when replacing with EC fans, e.g. in a food shop or supermarket when exchanging AC fans by EC fans, Q-motors by IQ-motors.

    Furthermore, we offered and pledged support with pilot projects to monitor energy savings. We came to an agreement with the company Frigomax to realize a joint pilot project aimed at retrofitting the refrigeration equipment of a super market with EC fans.

  • Newsletter

    Green mail

    2013-06-28 | Since 5 June 2013, we started sending out an environment newsletter with standard instructions developed by ebm-papst Ural to educational institutions and industrial enterprises in the Ural and Siberia. Topics covered are the protection of the environment, saving natural resources and information about ebm-papst products.

  • Planting trees

    Planting in the rain

    2013-06-14 | We joined the “All-Russia Society for Environmental Protection”. As part of this commitment, we devoted a whole day to planting cedars and silver firs in the grounds of the Children’s Oncology Medical Centre in Yekaterinburg on 7 June 2013.

    Furthermore, ebm-papst also met with the Director of the All-Russia Society for Environmental Protection to inform on our objectives in the protection of the environment and to highlight the corporate social responsibility demonstrated by ebm-papst throughout the world. We made a decision about further participation in joint events aimed at protecting the environment.

    The next event, for instance, is scheduled for September 2013: we will be participating in the “Green Wave 2013” programme, arranging and conducting ecological expeditions for survey purposes as well as improving green zones in settlements, natural parks and territories close to springs.

  • Review 2012

    We take our social responsibility seriously

    2012-09-20 | “‘Every Day is a GreenDay’ is one more possibility to show the public and our customers the vital importance of environmental protection and resource conservation.

    Alex Kanasch

    Alex Kanasch

    We used the campaign to make a personal contribution to solving the global problem of environmental pollution. This way we can show that we take our social responsibility seriously.”

    Alex Kanasch
    Specialist in sales and technical support
    ebm-papst Ural GmbH

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Seminar and workshop for all employees and customers about GreenTech and EC-Fans
    • Vegetarian Green-dinner with customers
    • Blog post on GreenTech energy efficiency, Customer case study and a closing Newsletter



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GreenDay Projects

  • Participation in joint measures with the „All-Russian Nature Conservation Society“
  • Training class for all personnel of EBM Papst Ural in GreenTech
  • Conducting joint measures with Chair of Energy Saving of Ural Federal University

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