• 173 kilograms of trash collected in Farmington

    Town-wide trash clean-up on April 29

    2016-05-31 |

    This year our American subsidiary, ebm-papst Inc., teamed up with the Town of Farmington and organized the annual trash clean-up in April rather than wait for the traditional GreenWeek in June. The clean-up was rescheduled for two reasons: first, it was easier to see bottles and garbage because the vegetation had not grown in then; and secondly, there was much more trash in April, because the last clean-up was conducted the previous year.

    The whole event, which lasted from April 22nd to April 30th, was organized like a competition. 43 Farmington residents, including the ebm-papst employees, formed several teams and „competed“ against each other trying to collect as much trash as possible. After approximately 3 hours, the ebm-papst employees completely filled their truck, covering the areas of the Farmington River and Hyde Road (the road leading the ebm-papst).

    All teams had to bring their collected trash to one of the official Clean-Up Centers in Farmington on Saturday, April 30th, between 8 am and 1 pm for the offical „weigh-in“.Together, the teams collected 5,000 Pounds or 2,268 kilograms of trash. ebm-papst’s truck — containing 2 tires, crap metal, old fencing, a plastic table, an unopened Bud Light can, lots of assorted bottles as well as trash and a fishing pole — won the „Heaviest Haul“ competition „Business Category“ for collecting the most trash of all participating companies. And also Europe was represented in a unpleasant way by a Finlandia t-shirt and a 500 ml Polish beer can.

  • Donation campaigns

    Wearing green for GreenDay

    2015-05-12 |

    Our colleagues in the USA had an early start into their GreenDay campaign with a small street market sale, taking place on 4 June from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

    In one of the stands, the motto was swapping books instead of buying them. Staff could bring in any used novels, thrillers or non-fiction books and trade them in for what colleagues had on offer. Another stand sold regional refreshments, such as ice-cream from Mortensen. TechniArt Inc. had a range of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps on display. Lyric Hill Farm, a family-run farm, sold natural and eco-friendly products such as soap, detergents and toiletries.

    Apart from the street market sale, three more activities were offered for staff to engage in. The first saw ebm-papst staff bringing in any items they no longer used. Special boxes had been provided to accept jeans, handbags or curtains for recycling. Even electric devices, such as TV sets or hi-fi systems, could be donated. The second activity was all about supporting an animal welfare organization. With the money raised, useful articles such as cat litter and dog collars were bought for the cats and dogs being cared for by the organization. And finally, staff could use the company shredder to get rid of their old documents. A truck was specifically hired to take up all the shredded material and dispose of it.
    And, of course, everybody had been asked to wear green that day

  • Recycling & garbage collection

    Collecting, sorting, recycling

    2014-09-09 |

    To honour their GreenDay, the American ebm-papst subsidiary encouraged their staff to live the recycling philosophy at home, too. During their collection campaign, they all brought in stuff which could either be recycled or given away to charity. In the pictures, you can see what they got.

  • HVAC

    Update for air-conditioning system

    2014-08-07 |

    New air-conditioning system for Farmington: Early this year, staff at our subsidiary in the US replaced parts of their air-conditioning system. All in all, they exchanged equipment weighing around 200 tons. This hard work paid off: Their modernized air-conditioning system is a lot more energy-efficient. Based on current energy costs, the new system should allow them savings of about €13,000 per year.

  • Video statements

    Think green

    2013-08-21 | Our employees think green – but not only during their time at work. Three colleagues report how they put green ideas into practice at home, on their way to work and at work.

    Julie said:

    Jessica said:

    Todd said:

  • Planting trees

    Green lungs

    2013-07-15 | As a token of our commitment to green principles, we planted three maple trees on our premises. Looking out of our windows now, the world is a lot greener than before!

    Some of the reasons why we decided to plant trees:

    • Trees reduce the urban heat island effect through evaporative cooling and by reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches parking lots and buildings. This is especially true in areas with large impervious surfaces, such as parking lots of stores and industrial complexes.
    • Trees improve our air quality by filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide from the air we breathe.
    • Trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe.
    • Trees reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding.
    • Many species of wildlife depend on trees for habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many birds and mammals.
  • Green gifts

    Generously rewarded

    2013-07-10 | In order to generate more awareness for environmental issues, each member of staff was given a “green gift”.

    The package contained:

    • A grocery tote from recycled material
    • An LED light bulb for each employee (250 light bulbs in total!)
    • An empty spray bottle and recipes for homemade green cleaners
    • A copy of the CT Green Guide

    By switching from conventional light bulbs to the more energy-saving LED light bulbs, they will not only save money on their electricity bill but will also help to reduce CO2 emission by 6.2 tons per year or 17 kg per day.*

    *Source: EPA

  • Paper disposal

    Shred it!

    2013-07-03 | Recycling used paper makes sense both ecologically and economically. And so our GreenDay was the ideal occasion enthusiastically seized on by our staff to get rid of old documents, files and other paperwork by the case. A local company made sure they were disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

  • Car-free for a day

    Making do without car

    2013-06-27 | Part of our GreenDay campaign was the attempt to get to work causing as little emission as possible. So our staff took to their bicycles, organized car pools and simply walked or jogged to work. Doing so saved around 445 car kilometers.

  • Clean-up

    Clean up the wetlands

    2013-06-05 | As part of our GreenDay activities this year, eight ebm-papst team members dedicated a portion of their day to cleaning up the dense wetlands surrounding the company’s campus – an uninhabited area unfortunately used as a dumping ground.

    In just 1.5 hours, we collected nearly 200 aluminum cans and plastic and glass bottles, along with some unexpected finds like an animal cage, conch shell and spotlight.

    We thank the brave individuals who ventured out to collect these items, braving the stinky skunk cabbage plants growing throughout the area and risking a bear encounter. Stay tuned for more updates on our Every Day is a GreenDay activities in June, including an employee carpool and bike-to-work day!

    Items collected:

    • 65 Aluminum cans
    • 1 Animal cage
    • 0 Bears
    • 2 Beaver dams
    • 1 Bumper piece (truck?)
    • 1 Conch shell
    • 1 Dock bumper
    • 1 Flower pot
    • Various Garbage (general)
    • 37 Glass bottles
    • 1 Large General Electric sodium spotlight
    • 1 Light bulbs
    • 1 Oil filters (automobile)
    • 77 Plastic bottles
    • Unlimited skunk cabbage
    • 3 Styrofoam sheets
    • Various Styrofoam cups
    • 1.5 Tennis/toy balls
    • TBD Ticks
    • 4 Tires with rims
    • 2 Tires without rims
    • 2 Window frames
  • Production processes

    Increasing manufacturing efficiency

    2013-05-16 | As part of our GreenTech philosophy, not only is our goal to develop new products that are more efficient than the prior generation, but we follow this approach for our processes as well.

    That is, our commitment to sustainable practices extends to our production processes for gains in terms of economy and ecology. Case in point – we have just completed installation of a new Nordson ColorMax powder paint application system complete with their Automatic Feed System and new Encore spray guns. As a result, we expect to see a significant increase in powder spray efficiency, less scrap powder, lower disposal charges, higher quality painted parts, and significantly faster color change times.

    In our old booth, we typically got 60% of the sprayed powder on the parts and 40% became process scrap. We were able to recycle one color with our older booth, but this didn’t work too well because our primary color kept changing all the time. In the new Nordson ColorMax booth, we can now effectively recycle ALL colors through the use of dual cyclone technology. This automatically feeds back (recycles) the 40% of powder that hits the parts and falls into the bottom of the booth – increasing our actual powder usage efficiency to about 95%.

    Faster AND Better

    The other significant advantage for us is color change over time. The entire booth and all feed hoses had to be fully cleaned (manually) to prevent mixing of colors between production runs. Our new ColorMax booth has much of the cleaning cycle automated, so a typical color change time for the new booth should be reduced by up to 75% vs. the old booth. The booth Canopy is a state of the art material that allows for easy blow offs during color changes. This time regained is significant – as we typically change colors 2-3 times per day.

    Finally, we also changed our actual paint application guns to the new Encore system. These guns are new Low Velocity technology that allows for more even coating and better use of powder at lower air pressures – further reducing powder spray waste. With the new Lower Velocity technology, we should also improve our painting finish quality for better parts on the “first pass” – with less defects and less rework and re-paints.

  • Review 2012

    GreenTech means more than building only energy-efficient products

    2012-06-12 | “When I started here just over a year ago, I immediately noticed how important sustainability is at ebm-papst USA. Right at that time solar cells were being installed on our roof and new, efficient production equipment was being commissioned. Since then I am very proud of how our processes continuously improve with the GreenTech philosophy.

    Meghan Finley

    Meghan Finley

    The GreenDay campaign is a great way for us to familiarise all of our employees with these thoughts as well. For GreenTech means more than just building energy-efficient products. Just as important as the processes involving production and packing is our everyday handling of resources. Our campaigns are intended to show how everyone can set a good example. Hopefully our employees internalise what they have learned from this week and apply it in their everyday life – whether at the workplace or at home.”

    Meghan Finley
    Marketing Assistant
    ebm-papst Inc.

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • „Every Day is a Green Day“ – Video Contest
    • picking up garbage in the surrounding
      • Several ebm-papst employees will be picking up garbage in the surrounding wetlands behind the ebm-papst building
    • Company social event with locally produced food
    • A paper shredding truck will be onsite to shred personal documents from work and home
    • Light fair
      • employees will have the opportunity to learn about and purchase energy efficient lighting
    • Blog post on GreenTech energy efficiency, Customer case study and a closing Newsletter

United States of America


ebm-papst Inc.
Phil Hartman
100 Hyde Road
Farmington, CT, 06034

GreenDay Projects

  • Electronic/Metal/Battery Recycling
  • Employee Personal Document Shredding
  • Employee Carpool/Cycling to & from Work
  • Local Dairy Bar Ice Cream for Employees
  • Recycled Blanket/Sheet Collection for local Animal Humane Organization
  • Garbage Collection along Banks of Farmington River

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