• Chess Food Wastage

    How ebm-papst is fighting food wastage

    2016-08-15 |

    As part of the annual GreenDay initiative, Chelmsford-based ebm-papst UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of high efficiency fan and motor products, has pledged its support to a local homeless charity in the form of food donations.Bild_GreenDayWeb_Donation

    CHESS, a local charity providing homeless support services across the region, accepts donations in the form of furniture, bedding, household goods and toiletries, as well as groceries. Coffee, baked beans, bacon and eggs are just some of the donations CHESS accepts from local businesses such as ebm-papst and provides to homeless individuals across Chelmsford and Essex.

    Statistics show that seven million tonnes of food and drink are thrown away every year in the UK, which is the equivalent of 179kg per person. ebm-papst has a vending machine which is filled each day by A Canteen, a local restaurant which also offers outside catering. The machine contains fresh food including sandwiches, baguettes, salads, pasta pots, and fruit. Each morning the content of the vending machine is replaced and the leftover food is given to CHESS, who distribute it to those who need it most.

    Sandra Jarvis, Commercial Director at ebm-papst, said: “Providing donations to CHESS is a great opportunity for ebm-papst to support the local community. Our GreenDay initiative aims to promote a greener future for everyone, and providing vital food donations allows us to help those most in need.”

    GreenDay is an international campaign involving all ebm-papst subsidiaries across the globe. Around 12,500 employees do their part for a greener future and demonstrate their everyday contributions to the environment. It was started in 2012 because environmental awareness in everyday life is just as important to ebm-papst as the energy efficiency of their products, processes and production.



  • Save energy to protect the environment

    Protect the Environment

    2016-04-27 |

    Although planned for 2015, we have found the right technology for epUK so project roll out will commence as part of GreenDay 2016.

    Currently ebm-papst UK uses 189,246kWh and 84 tonnes of CO2 in our power consumption each year in our warehouse alone. This costs us on average £18,000 per year. By upgrading our lighting to use LED bulbs, we predict annual savings to be approximately 128,687kWh; 57 tonnes of CO2 and cost savings of £12,000 per year. 95 sodium lights will be changed to LED. The lifetime of the sodium lights on average is 18,000 hours, LED lights have a lifetime of 50,000 (12.5 years based on 80 hour working week). The main benefits for us changing to LED are that we consume less energy and that they are controllable. We can use motion and daylight sensors, plus better colour rendering – white light as opposed to yellow light.

    Once roll out of the project has been completed and actual data has been collated, ebm-papst UK will look to introduce the new LED to the office and production areas of the building.


    Our customer project that we will be focusing on for GreenDay 2016 will be the large upgrade to a national bank’s Fan Coil Units, the upgrade will be carried out at various office buildings around London using approximately 3000 fans. Potential Energy savings of 40% could be achieved.


    Continuning our mission to support and protect the local wildlife and woodland areas in our community, we will be supporting a local farmer by making a donation to the farm to help towards the planting of trees and British hedgerow. The aim is to plant 1500 trees and shrubs over the next year which will help to promote new plantation, enhance wildlife habitation, provide protection for live stock. Members of our staff will be joining the farmer with the planting processes.

    GreenDay 2016 Project Description – ebm-papst Automotive & Drives UK Ltd

    Environmental Project – Green Energy

    Focusing on the supply of Energy, epAD will look to swap energy suppliers from Electricity Giant – E.ON to Ecotricity. Ecotricity supply their „Green Energy“ using natural elements – Wind, Sun and Sea. Although there will not be a monetary saving with the swap, it’s a step in the right direction to help the Environment. In addition to the Energy Supply change, epAD will be converting to the Fresh Spring Water Supply and the aerobic toilet (also known as the composting toilet).


  • Big step into the future

    Sponsorship for the new EXplora Centre in Dorset

    2015-08-26 |

    Financial support announced to help develop new Science, Technology and Discovery Centre

    As part of this year’s Green Day campaign, ebm-papst UK is unveiling a new sponsorship deal with charity EXplora, which will help with their plans to set up an innovative new Science, Technology and Discovery Centre in Dorset, England.

    The sponsorship provided by ebm-papst will play a vital role in the charity’s fundraising for the new centre, currently planned to be built by 2017.  The centre will support the charity’s aims of educating and engaging the UK public, particularly pupils and students of all ages, across the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

    Through the sponsorship arrangement, Geoff Lockwood, Technical Director at ebm-papst UK, has been named as one of the ‘Key Foundation Sponsors’ with EXplora, and will be involved in the development of the new centre.

    Once completed, the EXplora Science, Technology and Discovery Centre will have four key learning zones – Waterworld, Energy Centre, Dorset Eco Lab and Space Station. ebm-papst will be featured in the Energy Centre supporting the education and engagement around energy use and the development of energy efficient technology.

    The sponsorship is part of ebm-papst’s continued support for STEM sectors in the UK, which are areas of vital importance, not just for our UK operations but for the UK economy overall. ebm-papst is keen to ensure that the STEM sectors are at the forefront of innovation and is working with charities, educational institutions and industry partners to attract more people to these sectors.

    The UK’s STEM sectors need 180,000 engineers, scientists and technicians each year by 2020 to maintain the country’s future competitiveness in the global economy. ebm-papst is keen to play a role in this ambition through educating and engaging the UK public with different aspects of the STEM subjects. Sponsoring EXplora is the first step in this education and engagement, with the new centre set to play a big role in encouraging the next generation to pursue STEM qualifications and careers.

    For more information about the EXplora and its plans for a new Science Technology and Discovery Centre visit http://www.explorascience.co.uk/

  • Local sponsoring

    Kick it like ebm-papst

    2014-12-16 |

    Keeping a tradition alive, ebm-papst UK is sponsoring local football teams this year, too. David Jarvis, managing director of the subsidiary in England, says the reason for sponsoring the teams simply is a point of honour.


    David Jarvis, Managing Director ebm-papst UK

    “We are sponsoring Leyton Orient, Chelmsford City, Southend United and Colchester United in order to support the popular sports in our local communities. Due to our sponsoring, the clubs can sell tickets to schools and children at a far lower price. This makes for more excited fans in the stadiums who can cheer on their teams. At the same time, we are present as a company there: our logo is on the jerseys of Colchester United, for instance, and our huge ebm-papst banners are displayed on the sidelines of the stadiums of all four teams we support.”

  • Planting trees

    Planting for the Future

    2013-06-06 | Following on from the success of the Everyday is a GreenDay campaign in 2012, staff at ebm-papst UK have been inspired to continue with the challenge of improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by bringing this into their own everyday lives.

    ebm-papst’s UK Warehouse Manager Peter Chittock has taken this one step further by joining forces with his local farm to increase their environmental responsibility. Peter is very keen on wildlife conservation and with the help of his team they have created a 2m wide wild bird cover, that also encourages butterflies and bees, by providing them with a natural habitat supplying them with essential natural foods.

    The team has planted a variety of around 200 trees at the site consisting of Firs, Laurels, Elder, Snowberry, Cotton Easter and Holly all providing the perfect environment for wildlife and birds. A brand new project on coppicing is also due to take place; this woodland management scheme will enable new trees to grow following the cutting down of dead or diseased trees currently on the farm’s land.

    Encouraging birds to the farm has been a key element of the work which Peter and his team have developed. This has included the installation of pheasant pens, bird feeders, and boxes for barn owls which allow for a safe and inviting environment for them to come to. The farm is also committed to saving energy. Their investment in wind turbines as an alternative energy source will mean the farm will not only reduce its carbon footprint, but will in turn benefit from financial savings.

  • Review 2012

    Saving electricity

    2012-07-16 | When thinking about ‘Every Day is a Green Day’ we asked ourselves what we as a small sales branch can contribute to environmental protection.

    Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

    Naturally we sell energy-efficient products which customers welcome and appreciate. Therefore, with intelligent business, we also help our customers to do something for the environment. However, the GreenTech philosophy can also be used in our everyday work. Before we use electricity somewhere in the office, we ask ourselves if it is really necessary?

    Mark Wilson
    Manager Business Sector Development
    ebm-papst Automotive & Drives


    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Press release on ep Automotive & Drives Web Site publicising epAD campaign week and ep Global initiative for “Every day is a Green Day”
    • Company presentation includes a section or reference about GreenTech
    • Inform customers about GreenTech
    • Every employee should cycle to work or use Public Transport
    • Prepare submission and entry on behalf of epM to European Business Electronics Awards (Elektra) for „Green Electronics Award“

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GreenDay Projects

  • Improving energy efficiency at its Chelmsford facility
  • Supporting members of staff in community-based environmental projects
  • Ensuring that environmental issues sit at the heart of new building projects in the UK
  • Sharing best practice in how energy efficiencies can be delivered through the upgrading of existing systems with GreenTech products

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