• Efficient ventilation

    ebm-papst Turkey/Akantel used efficient ventilation

    2016-09-22 |

    Before this year’s world environment, ebm-papst Turkey/Akantel was preparing to install a heat recovery unit for their sales Office.

    turkey1 turkey

    They have chosen the customer Eneko´s “Event 500” type heat recovery unit for installation. Eneko’s “Event 500” uses ebm-papst’s R3G190 RadiCal fans for ventilation. Before the installation of the new heat recovery unit, the loss of energy was immense. Within minutes of the installation, the staff of the Turkish sales could feel the positive effects of the efficient ventilation.

    Nevertheless, it is very difficult to determine how much more efficient the new unit will be, because there are too many variables and factors affecting the total consumption. Moreover, with only 100 m² and five sales representatives, the sales office is one of the smaller parts of the facility. However, the sales office was chosen, because, compared to the other offices, it is the most crowded one.

    Furthermore, the aim of ebm-papst Turkey/Akantel is to decrease the consumption of heating & cooling by an average of ten percent. This would not only decrease the costs, but also be in accordance with the GreenTech and GreenDay “philosophy” of ebm-papst.

  • Reducing energy consumption

    Keeping a cool head with a new air conditioning system

    2016-05-12 |

    The Turkish ebm-papst partner, Akantel Elektronik, will also participate in the 2016 GreenDay. For that, Akantel Elektronik has planned to completely upgrade and rethink its air conditioning systems in all of its sales offices in Izmir. Moreover, it will install a more effective heat recovery unit, which will drastically reduce heating and cooling losses and hence save energy. In this process, Akantel will be assisted by Turkish heat recovery unit manufacturer Eneko, which examined Akantel’s current heating and cooling methods in order to find the most efficient unit for the company.

    The entire upgrade will be completed before June 5th, just in time for the United Nations World Environment Day.

  • Review 2012

    Small steps to a green future

    2012-11-19 | “We wanted to emphasise the relationship between GreenTech and important concepts like renewable energy, recycling and saving energy with our event. Therefore, we turned plastic bottles into feeders and put them on the pomegranate plants and pine trees arround the company headquarters.

    Volkan Dağ

    Volkan Dağ

    Moreover, we gathered electronics waste and strengthened our connection to nature during a bike excursion to the Sasali Nature Wildlife Park. Even though these are only small steps, with such conscious behaviour, we contribute to a green future.”

    Volkan Dağ
    Sales Engineer
    Akantel Elektronik San. Tic. LTD. Sti.

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Workshop with employees at ebm-papst Türkiye. Our Topic: GreenTech benefits around the world. The general philosophy and effects of GreenTech will be presented to everyone at ebm-papst Türkiye by using basic and understandable documents.
    • Trip to the “Sasalı Natural Life Park” on bicycles and discovering all the colours of plants and animals.
    • Calculate the cost of used electronic products. Every employee will bring old electronic products from home and we will calculate the energy cost. After comparing the results we will send them to “A-E” recycling center.
    • Planting pine trees in the forestation area. Every employee contributes to this event by planting his own tree, with the philosophy of “each young tree is a new life”.



Akantel Elektronik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Volkan DAĞ
A.O.S.B 10007 Sok. No.6

GreenDay Projects

  • Waste batteries collection

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