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    Paperless Office

    2012-10-16 | “As part of ‘Every Day is a GreenDay’, we thought about how we could raise awareness among our customers on the topic of energy savings. The conduct of every individual is, after all, a deciding factor.

    Sascha Bergamo

    Sascha Bergamo

    Therefore, we held a symposium with the customers on the topic of energy efficiency. In our subsidiary itself, we made a gesture for environmental protection with the ‘paperless office’ project. Moreover, we brought experts to our location for an energy workshop.”

    Sascha Bergamo
    sales, drive engineering
    ebm-papst AG

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Energy-Workshop will take place for our team. The subject will be: How can I save energy in business and at home? In the GreenWeek we will start with the project „the paperless office“.
    • A Ventilator Symposium will take place. The themes „GreenIT“, „Efficiency Regulations for Electric Motors“ and „AxiTop“ will be presented. Participants will be our customers.




ebm-papst AG
Sascha Bergamo
Rütisbergstrasse 1
8156 Oberhasli

GreenDay Projects

  • Installation of IQ motors in a customer’s freezer chests
  • Installation of EC technology and AxiTop in co-operation with a Management Facility company

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