• Raising awareness for carbon emissions

    GreenDay is Car-free Day

    2016-05-12 |

    Throughout the last year ebm-papst Sweden has accomplished many “green” activities, most importantly, the relocation of the production facilities from Skinnskatteberg to Järfälla. The rebuilding of the new production unit is soon to be finished completely and a major environmental benefit achieved by this is that unnecessary transport of goods will be avoided and also all the energy savings due to the new heat pump installation.

    The focus of the 2016 GreenDay will be to raise awareness of the increased carbon emissions that occur around the world. ebm-papst Sweden will encourage staff to get to work by foot, bike or public transportation to raise awareness of the increased carbon emissions that occur around the world. Also, at lunchtime, a vegetarian lunch buffet and organic, non-alcoholic champagne will be served.

  • A Leon Green for everyone

    Making wise food choices

    2015-06-17 |

    In Sweden, the focus on this year’s GreenDay was on raising awareness of the increased carbon emissions that occur around the world.

    In this context staff was encouraged to get to work on foot, by bike or public transportation. Also, at lunchtime, a vegetarian lunch buffet and organic, non-alcoholic cider were served.

    The company also handed out pamphlets, WWF’s “Meat guide”, that explains how the production of various types of meat affect carbon emissions – this was done to enlighten staff on how they could make a difference for the environment by making wise food choices. Every staff member also got a little surprise; they each got their own Leon Green!

    Other green activities

    One of the major changes that ebm-papst in Sweden has on their agenda in 2015 is the relocation of production activities from Skinnskatteberg to Järfälla. A major environmental benefit achieved by this is that unnecessary transport of goods will be avoided.

  • Earth Hour and organic fruits

    One hour for our planet Earth

    2015-05-20 |

    ebm-papst Sweden took part in Earth Hour 2015, the biggest climate protection campaign on this planet which is organized each year by the WWF to show commitment to a sustainable future.

    First organized in 2007, Earth Hour is meant to raise awareness for the environment and to lend public and symbolic support to the concepts of saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas and sees cities all over the world turn off their lights.

    For more awareness: The plan was to not only act and think in a more eco-friendly way. Our colleagues from ebm-papst Sweden also wanted to demonstrate their commitment through social media, different news channels and on the internet.

    Lights off!
    For a brighter future: On Friday, 27 March, the day before Earth Hour, our staff at the central office in Järfälla was encouraged to switch off the lights and to act in an eco-friendly way, both at home and at work. To bring this message home, posters carrying relevant information and advice were put up in all offices. During the afternoon coffee-break, all lights were switched off, beeswax candles were lit instead and the whole team sat down to enjoy raw apple pie and organic vanilla ice-cream. 

    Time for a quiz
    For the rainforests in Borneo: All colleagues were invited to take part in a climate quiz to boost awareness of ecological issues. Those scoring highest were presented with a prize which was, of course, of charitable nature. In their names, ebm-papst AB donated money to the WWF tree planting projects to help restore and rebuild the rain forests in Borneo.

    Truly organic
    For less genetic engineering: Since April 2015, there are only organic and eco-friendly products such as fruit, milk, tea and coffee in the lunchroom at ebm-papst Sweden to protect and conserve the environment and to inform staff about how priceless organic food is. But it was not just this aspect of making colleagues more aware of eco-friendly consuming, the campaign also aimed at showing that only consuming what you really need is also an important contribution to making our planet stay green.

    For the good cause: Besides all the completed activities there will be a vegetarian lunch on 5 June. The colleagues in Sweden also want to continue helping organizations like SOS Children‘s Villages International, The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and WWF at Christmas time. 

  • Eco Driving

    7 tips to drive more eco-friendly

    2014-09-19 |

    Whether on the way to work or on a business trip, our employees in Sweden always try to drive as ecologically as possible. Sales Engineer Daniel Bergkvist has collected seven tips that can help you in your everyday life, too.


    1. Anticipate traffic flow and avoid unnecessary stops.


    2. If you’re stopped for more than a minute, shut off your engine.


    3. Drive smoothly at low RPM using the highest possible gear.


    4. Keep tires properly inflated as low tire pressure is a safety risk and wastes fuel.


    5. Avoid dead weight and aerodynamic drag. Improving the aerodynamics of your car reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency.


    6. Empty your car of any extra items you’ve been hauling around for years to lighten your load.


    7. Find a carpool for work commutes, and ask your friends and neighbors to combine errand runs with you.

  • Recycling

    Professional waste management

    2013-06-26 | ebm-papst Sweden is very successful in organizing recycling procedures: We invested in press machines for plastic and paper materials. We also sort out certain metal scrap and sell this for recycling.

    And of course, we handle hazardous waste very carefully and in accordance with regulations in Sweden. Each person in our company is well informed about and has been thoroughly trained in our recycling procedures.

  • New heat pump

    Heat pump for our head office

    2013-06-05 | We continue to work actively at reducing our energy consumption in our offices, warehouses and production facilities. For our GreenDay 2013 campaign, we started the project of installing a heat pump for heating our tap water and heating the floors in parts of our head office. This heat pump alone will reduce our energy consumption by 14,500 kWh per year.

    During last year’s GreenDay campaign, we already installed heat pumps to heat our warehouses in Järfälla and Skinnskatteberg. We also installed top modern air handling units for effective heating of our office in Järfälla.

  • Review 2012

    Environmental license in Sweden

    2012-11-26 | “Thinking about the environment is becoming ever more important. In our awareness week, therefore, all employees took part in a training session on saving energy. In ten topical modules, we learned how we can prevent waste in the office and at home.

    Ingrid Bråtman

    Ingrid Bråtman

    Those who passed the test at the end received an environmental ‘diploma’. Aside from that, we all got an energy consumption counter for at home, in order to make saving energy easier.”

    Ingrid Bråtman
    Manager of Quality & Environment
    ebm-papst AB

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Miljökörkortet. Environmental license, online training for all the employees.
    • Project start, save energy in the office. Presentation of new air curtains etc in our warehouse.
    • Power Consumption meters bought by the company to all employees. To be used at home for eliminating unnecessary power consumption.
    • Change to LED-lights in the advent decoration candle lights used in the office.
    • Vegetarian catering for lunch.



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GreenDay Projects

  • Reduce paper printouts
  • Ecodriving
  • Investigate if we should install solar cells on our large roof
  • Social wellfare projects at Christmas

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