• Seeing better

    New light at the workplace

    2015-06-08 |

    Just like ebm-papst Ural, our Spanish subsidiary in Madrid exchanged their incandescent light bulbs for LED lighting.  

    Having already switched to LED lighting in their warehouse in 2012, our Spanish colleagues decided it was high time to follow suit in their offices.

    First, however, they tested whether light intensity was satisfactory and higher than with the existing system. As a result, the old 120-Watt lamps in the ceiling panels were replaced by 64-Watt LEDs. White light was chosen because it has a more natural feel to it and allows our colleagues to see better and more clearly. The annual energy savings are expected to total about 7686 kWh.

    However, changes were not only made to the lighting system, but also to the positions of the ceiling panels to ensure optimal illumination levels on the workplace.  This factor was measured with the so-called luxmeter, which showed a factor of 1040 lux. The recommended factor for offices is 750 lux.

    Additionally, two old AC fans in the air-conditioning system were replaced by Axitop fans to increase performance and save energy.

  • Switch to LED

    New lights, big savings

    2013-07-17 | At ebm-papst Ibérica, we wanted to demonstrate how fully committed to our green tech philosophy we are and set a good example for our customers. One activity putting our philosophy into practice was switching to a new lighting system in our warehouse in June 2012.

    After some research into lighting options, we decided to switch from the metal-halide lamps with 440 W to LED lamps with 130 W. This way, we save energy and we also get higher luminance. Conventional lamps take about five minutes to reach maximum light level whereas LED lamps turn on instantly. We took advantage of this feature and installed motion sensors in the corridors. So the lamps only light up when someone is in the corridor.

    Just one year later, we have compared the electricity bills of this year to that of last year. We detected an annual saving of 35,221 kWh or 8,453 kg CO2* not emitted into the atmosphere. This translates into a saving of 23.16 kg CO2 per day**. Over the last year, we also saved 5,283 Euros. This is a clear proof that commitment to saving energy is not only beneficial to our environment but also in economic terms.

    Having found this green activity to be such a success, we want to carry on being a good example for our costumers and are already thinking about new possible improvements to our facilities. For us, the most important thing about our philosophy is to get our company moving in the right direction and thus making sure that future generations can also enjoy our green planet.

    *ebm-papst Ibérica gets their electricity from Iberdrola. For every kWh of energy used, 0.24 kg CO2* is emitted. Source: Iberdrola
    **For the counter, we started counting at the GreenDay 2013 at June 5, 2013

  • Review 2012

    The families of employees come to visit

    2012-06-19 | “At ebm-papst Ibérica we are fully committed to the GreenTech philosophy. During ‘Every Day is a GreenDay’, therefore, we converted to energy-saving LED lamps and installed motion sensors in our hallways. That way we save 80 percent of our electricity.

    Alberto Salio

    Alberto Salio

    But we also carried the GreenTech philosophy outside with the campaign. We held a competition and selected the greenest customer. The winner was Inoxpan, a manufacturer of kitchen appliances that relies on our EC technology. Such innovative companies, in my opinion, are on the right path to surviving the difficult economic situation in our country.”

    Alberto Salio
    Sales Engineer
    ebm-papst Ibérica

    Other Events of the Subsidiary

    • Workshop for all employees of ebm-papst Ibérica about GreenTech
    • Open day in ebm-papst Ibérica for all families of the employees
    • Green Customer Competition
    • We inaugurate the new lightning of the warehouse
    • Workshop on the topic „Greentech, EC-fans and energy efficiency“



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GreenDay Projects

  • Replacement of an older lighting system by led lamps and installation of motion sensors in the corridors of the warehouse

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