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    For children and earthquake victims

    2015-07-07 |

    ebm-papst SEA, our subsidiary in Singapore, marked this year’s GreenDay with a total of three campaigns – one of them a donation drive for the earthquake victims in Nepal.

    Less than two months ago, Nepal suffered a disastrous earthquake the epicentre of which was close to their capital Kathmandu. Press reports suggested it was the largest the region had seen in 80 years. More than 8,000 lives were lost following this catastrophe. A mere two weeks later, on 12 May, there was an aftershock hitting the region once more. Yet more was to come – six more aftershocks were registered soon after. In order to help ebm-papst SEA donated 1000 dollars to help the victims of this natural disaster in Nepal.  

    The second GreenDay campaign was a donation as well. This one was for the organisation “Children Society Singapore”. It is a tradition for the colleagues here at ebm-papst SEA to raise the 1000 dollars to be donated as part of the “1000 Dollars for Children in Need Initiative”.  The “Children Society Singapore” supports and protects disadvantaged children – especially those who have been abused or neglected.

    The third GreenDay campaign is eco-friendly: Our colleagues at ebm-papst SEA keep their air-conditioning system at a constant 24°C instead of at 22°C – which helps save money, conserve energy and benefit the environment. 

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