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    ebm-papst Russia promotes environmental protection

    2017-01-23 |

    In Russia, ebm-papst Ural LLC personnel arranged an outdoor event in Green-Day context.

    They visited the zoo, where the children had time to feed the animals and to ride horses. The ebm-papst employees talked about the need of environmental protection and explained the ebm-papst GreenTech products. Some days later, on the day of earth, ebm-papst Russia took part in joint environment protection measures together with «All-Russia nature Protection Society». This day, they tidied up land areas of the woodland park, collected garbage and assembled bird feeders. After that, they distributed the bird feeders in the woodland park and explained the visitors how important it is, to live with the nature and to protect it. They tried to stimulate children for these subjects, but also explained them, why they should save energy. At the end of the day, the children received awards from ebm-papst on basis of results of the competition in scope of making bird feeders and tidying up woodland park areas of the city of Ekaterinburg. A few days later, ebm-papst Ural LLC produced energy-saving souvenirs for key customers (mobile chargers on solar batteries) to promote the philosophy of saving energy, saving natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions. Finally they also made other projects in context of green day: They placed advertisement for GreenTech, EC and ebm-papst on the truck transport that delivers and transports ebm-papst products in Ekaterinburg. In june, they started to sponsor chameleons care in the regional zoo. 

  • Supports Orphans

    ebm-papst Russia supports Orphans

    2016-09-07 |

    Also ebm-papst Russia has a couple of charity projects. One of them is a donation for the orphanage in Fryzanio (Moscow Region). This is a special mission for us because little orphans 20160901_092837with disabilities live there. At first, we bought electronic scales and stadiometers for the children, so that the kids can measure their weight and height.

    On September 1st, the orphanage opened the “adoptive parents school”, where doctors and educators prepare potential parents for a life with disabilities children. Our subsidiary provided everything necessary for the classrooms. Furniture, computers and printers. Thus, classes could start as soon as possible.

    In return we were invited to the matinee where we looked at the childrens Performance.

    We would be happy if our assistance could help children to get real loving parents!

  • Guardianship for two „Leon Greens“

    A new home for two chameleons

    2016-05-13 |

    Since GreenDay is a global campaign, it will also be celebrated in our Russian subsidiary, whose employees decided to become the guardians of two chameleons in the Moscow Zoo. 

    The employees chose chameleons because of our ebm-papst mascot – Leon Green – who is also a Chameleon. The guardianship will cover the monthly expenses for nutrition and living expenses and maintenance of the two lizards. Moreover, it will guarantee that the first real Leon Greens can get a new home in a large terrarium, where all visitors are able to see them. As a consequence of the guardianship, ebm-papst Russia employees can visit the Moscow Zoo at no cost and the ebm-papst logo will be written on the wall of the new terrarium.

    Another project will concentrate on one of Russia’s biggest problems, namely waste utilization. Since there is only one plant for the recycling of used batteries in the entire country, the Russian ebm-papst subsidiary collects used batteries from all employees (it is also allowed to bring used batteries from home) and sends these batteries to the recycling plant.  This year, ebm-papst Russia went to local schools and asked students to join them in their efforts to raise awareness for proper waste utilization. In this context, the students have to collect as many used batteries as possible and ebm-papst Russia will then replace every three used batteries with a new one. Moreover, employees of the subsidiary will discuss environmental issues and ebm-papst’s worldwide environmental campaigns with the students.

    Lastly, ebm-papst Russia will provide assistance for two orphanages, because government financing, in many cases, is not sufficient. One of the orphanages received chairs and desks from the previous office, the other orphanage will get a tablet computer and free tickets for all kids to the Moscow Zoo.

  • Events highlighting environmental protection

    GreenDay countdown

    2016-03-08 |

    As in previous years, our GreenDay campaign is set to start on 5 June. Once again, ebm-papst subsidiaries from all over the world will be taking part with their projects focusing on environmental protection. Our colleagues in Russia have already sent us great ideas for their GreenDay 2016.

    This year, and starting in April already, ebm-papst Ural LLC is organizing numerous events with a focus on energy efficiency and protection of environment, all of which will be continued well into 2017. In cooperation with different partners, they will be running projects to boost awareness for green topics and animal welfare. These partners include colleagues and customers as well as nature conservation societies and students.

    April will see the start of a seminar for ebm-papst Ural customers on “GreenTech, ЕС-Fans- innovation, economic efficiency, benefits and key to success”. To draw more attention to environment and animal protection, there is also going to be an outdoor GreenDay at a horse farm and at the zoo together with colleagues from our subsidiary.

    Several actions are scheduled to start in May. In cooperation with the All-Russian Nature Conservation Society, ebm-papst Ural decided to implement various nature conservation projects: environmental seminars for students; planning planting and parks, collecting rubbish and clearing up sites; informing users and producers of power and electric engineering equipment about ebm-papst energy-saving technologies; establishing contact with nature conservation societies and organizations to make ebm-papst GreenTech a household name.

    To help doing so, all vehicles transporting ebm-papst products to Yekaterinburg will be bearing GreenTech, ЕС innovation and ebm-papst logos. On a smaller scale, customers will be given energy-saving freebees with our logo, such as solar-powered mobile chargers to be reminded of our GreenDay campaign.

    In July, specialist magazine “Energy Saving” will run a reference article on ebm-papst GreenTech and EC fans.

    By doing all this, our Russian colleagues show how easy it is to live sustainability and make a lasting contribution to protecting the environment. Like them, other ebm-papst subsidiaries are also coming up with fascinating, challenging and innovative GreenDay campaign, which we will gladly share with you here on our blog.



  • Paper recycling

    Pressing away

    2014-07-09 |

    For GreenDay 2013, ebm-papst Russia bought and installed their own paper press. Their waste paper is optimally compressed and can easily be sold to recycling companies. Now, a year later, the subsidiary sold a total of 1.6 tons of pressed paper. Based on the income thus generated, one thing is quite clear: it will only take another six month to have recovered the full cost of the press.

  • Sustainable office

    Small steps towards a sustainable office

    2014-06-05 | More often than not, it is the sum total of many small changes that has a lasting impact on our environment. Our subsidiary in Russia has already demonstrated how this works by installing an off-switch for their office computers and buying a paper press. This year, they have hit on three more ideas to make their office more sustainable:

    1. Sunscreen film

    Fitting their office windows with a sunscreen film will help ebm-papst Russia reduce operating costs for their air-conditioning system in future. The film reflects and absorbs sunrays, so the rooms will heat up a lot less.

    2. Sustainable give-aways

    Promotional material from ebm-papst Russia are a lot more sustainable now. Whether pens made of recycled cardboard, hessian bags or USB-sticks with bamboo case – when selecting their new give-aways, the team makes sure eco-friendly materials are used.

    3. Metal instead of plastic

    At lunchtime, too, the eco-friendly principle comes into play: The entire team will be using metal instead of plastic cutlery. In the long run, this not only saves a lot of money, it is also a lot more eco-friendly.

  • Switch-off button

    Computer: off

    2013-07-12 | ebm-papst Russia has found the right button for saving energy! To mark our GreenDay, our entire staff was given a white ebm-papst switch to comfortably turn off their computers.

    Up until then, all computers were kept running during our lunch break and were neither switched off nor put in stand-by mode. However, this is now a thing of the past! By switching our 22 computers off during our lunch break, we save 4.4 kWh a day or 2.8 kg in CO2*. Extrapolated to 247 working days, this translates into annual savings of 1086 kWh or 691.6 kg in CO2.

    *For generating one kWh of electricity in Russia 0.638 kg CO2 is emitted. Source: IEA

  • Desktop plants

    Nature on our desks

    2013-06-24 | At ebm-papst Russia, a large number of various plants arranged on the desks makes sure the offices are a lot greener than before. As part of their GreenDay drive, all team members picked their individual plant which is theirs to make prosper and grow.

    A tiny bit of nature breathes new life into the offices and decorates the desks. Lidia Yakovleva from logistics and distribution is happy about this: “This plant really brings more life to our working atmosphere. It produces oxygen and helps my eyes to relax. Though we live in a metropolis, this flower lets us feel we are one with nature.”

  • Battery collection

    Setting a good example

    2013-06-12 | With a small gesture we want to send an important message: Our office now features a small box in which our team collects all their used batteries. This is out of the ordinary here and exceptional, as there are no public collecting points here in Russia, unlike in many other countries. Disposing of the used batteries in a proper and appropriate way, we want to prevent toxic heavy metals from harming our environment.

  • Paper recycling

    Press and recycle

    2013-06-04 | In future, we shall be recycling our waste paper and packaging material – which is something new in Russia! Conventionally, any waste is simply thrown away or in collected to be buried or burnt.

    However, we bought a special press specifically designed for recycling purposes, allowing us to compress any waste paper we may produce. The paper bales are then sold to recycling companies turning them into packaging material. This helps us to keep our waste to the absolute minimum.

    A further positive side effect of the press: Due to its compact design, it doesn’t use much space and at the same time it also, three-fold, reduces the space required for old packaging. As we sell our paper, the investment in the press will have been recouped within one year.

  • Visiting a recycling company

    GreenDay on television

    2013-02-17 | To promote awareness and to learn about the recycling of electronic waste, our team visited a recycling company in Moscow. A local news station broadcast a report on the different steps of the recycling process, our visit to the company and also mentioned our activities for the GreenDay campaign.

  • Review 2012

    Lead by example

    2013-02-13 |

    “Our slogan for the campaign in Moscow was ‘Lead by example’. So for ‘Every day is a GreenDay’ we started with ourselves. All of our 29 employees were asked to present their own ideas about how we could make the world a little greener.

    Lozana Milenova

    Lozana Milenova

    Since we can only meet this challenge together we also asked our customers, schools, and authorities in our area to take part in the campaign. All of them participated in our paper-recycling activity, which rescued the equivalent of around 110 trees.”

    Lozana Milenova
    Office Manager
    ebm-papst RUS GmbH



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GreenDay Projects

  • collect and recycle of waste paper
  • replace plastic cutlery by metal cutlery in the office
  • buy reflective film for windows to reduce costs for air condinioning
  • two pilot projects to introduce of EC fans into retail networks
  • an excursion for pupils from Moscow to our office and demonstration of our GreenTech philosophy

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