• Review 2012

    We used alternative means of transport

    2012-08-20 | In Norway, all employees tried out leaving their cars at home.

    Ståle Strøm

    Ståle Strøm

    We used alternative means of transport such as buses or the train. Anyone who was able got on a bicycle, roller skis, in-line skates or used their own two legs – if someone wanted they could have even swam. We also didn’t use any copiers or printers during ‘Every Day is a GreenDay’. Only the Chief Purchasing Officer was allowed to print out order confirmations for our customers.

    Ståle Strøm
    Sales Engineer
    ebm-papst AS


    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • During this week all employees will try not to use their car when they go for work
    • Do not use the copy machine or the printer this week



ebm-papst AS
Ståle Strøm
Nordåsveien 5
1251 Oslo

GreenDay Projects

  • Replacement of old belt driven fans by fans with EC motors in the ventilation units in our main building in Oslo
  • Replacement of the old cooling machines in the building with new environmentally friendly cooling equipment

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