• France / School trip

    Young students getting to know about GreenTech

    2015-07-01 |

    To promote GreenDay 2015, ebm-papst France has invited 23 young students aged 9 to 10 from Obernai/Alsace, to a guided tour of our subsidiary to get to know more about the fan specialist. more…

  • Sweden / A Leon Green for everyone

    Making wise food choices

    2015-06-17 |

    In Sweden, the focus on this year’s GreenDay was on raising awareness of the increased carbon emissions that occur around the world. more…

  • Finland / Fitness at work

    Bowling, golfing, dancing

    2015-06-15 |

    At ebm-papst Finland, staff could actively improve their fitness during this year’s GreenDay campaign. more…

  • Benelux / Thinking and acting more ecology-minded

    Entertaining quiz

    2015-06-11 |

    ebm-papst Benelux wanted to raise staff awareness of GreenDay topics “Environment and energy (saving)”.  more…

  • Germany, Landshut / Carbon neutrality

    Bike instead of car

    2015-06-11 |

    As an incentive for staff to take part in this year’s GreenDay campaign, ebm-papst Landshut came up with brilliant ideas. more…

  • Germany, Mulfingen / Bicycletour, e-car, school contest

    Sustainable mobility

    2015-06-09 |

    At the company headquarters in Mulfingen, the focus on GreenDay and the entire week after that was on „sustainable mobility“.  more…

  • Spain / Seeing better

    New light at the workplace

    2015-06-08 |

    Just like ebm-papst Ural, our Spanish subsidiary in Madrid exchanged their incandescent light bulbs for LED lighting.   more…

  • Brazil / Paper and water

    Against water shortage

    2015-06-03 |

    During the GreenDay week, ebm-papst Brazil has planned three campaigns for their staff.   more…

  • Germany, Mulfingen / Energy Scouts

    USA, here we come!

    2015-06-03 |

    The successful project of the ebm-papst Energy Scouts goes international. They’re looking for energy wasters at their company – equipped with instruments like a thermal imaging camera and a compressed-air measuring device – and help save considerable costs. more…

  • Sweden / Earth Hour and organic fruits

    One hour for our planet Earth

    2015-05-20 |

    ebm-papst Sweden took part in Earth Hour 2015, the biggest climate protection campaign on this planet which is organized each year by the WWF to show commitment to a sustainable future.


  • Denmark / Case studies

    From AC to EC

    2015-05-19 |

    ebm-papst Denmark has helped 12 companies and institutions to save a huge amount of energy by switching from AC to EC fans. more…

  • Austria / From plastic break to meter campaign

    Small things with great impact

    2015-05-18 |

    By means of a self-attempt, social commitment and a training course for vocational school students, ebm-papst Austria especially wants to strengthen the awareness for environment protection during the GreenDay week.


  • United States of America / Donation campaigns

    Wearing green for GreenDay

    2015-05-12 |

    Our colleagues in the USA had an early start into their GreenDay campaign with a small street market sale, taking place on 4 June from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. more…

  • Australia & New Zealand / Exchange of ideas

    Hightech in accordance with sustainability

    2015-05-08 |

    As part of their annual GreenDay on 5 June, ebm-papst A&NZ is inviting businesses located in the Western suburbs of Melbourne to join them to learn more about combining high-tech engineering with practices of sustainable production and Business. more…

  • Ural / Awareness raising for GreenTech

    From Seminar to changing light bulbs

    2015-04-07 |

    In order to create more awareness for energy-efficiency, environmental protection and GreenTech, ebm-papst Ural offered a wide range of seminars and workshops on GreenTech to students and postgraduates as well as their staff and customers.


GreenDay at ebm-papst

GreenDay is an international campaign of all global ebm-papst subsidiaries.

Around 12,000 employees show
their sustainable activities – not
only for one day but throughout the entire year.

Just like the motto says:

„Every day is a GreenDay.“

GreenDay video 2014


Energy Scouts in the USA

Three Energy Scouts from Mulfingen are from 1 to 7 June in the USA and present their project.

For environment and animals

The colleagues in the USA donate amongst others for an animal welfare organization.

New illumination

ebm-papst Ural replaced their luminescent tubes with LED lamps.

Pressing away

For GreenDay 2013, ebm-papst Russia bought and installed their own paper press.

Bike tour in São Paulo

As part of their GreenDay campaign, our staff in Brazil invited their families to team up and take a bike tour through São Paulo .

Plastic break

Our Austrian colleagues tested for one week how difficult it is to buy products without plastic.

world map ebm-papst

Events by Country

Subsidiaries from all around the world participate in the GreenDay campaign. Choose a country to find out which events are happening there.

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