• Austria / Encourage kids and young teenagers to engage in sports

    Kids on Ice

    2016-04-27 |

    For the 2016 GreenDay, ebm-papst Austria has planned three different projects. The first project will try to encourage kids and young teenagers to engage in sports and live a healthy life, since children’s lives today are often characterized by lack of exercise, motion, or outdoors activities. more…

  • United Kingdom / Save energy to protect the environment

    Protect the Environment

    2016-04-27 |

    Although planned for 2015, we have found the right technology for epUK so project roll out will commence as part of GreenDay 2016. more…

  • Germany, Mulfingen / GreenDay 2016 in Mulfingen

    Parking lot party and school competition

    2016-04-07 |

    On 11 June 2016, our headquarters in Mulfingen will see a parking lot party celebrating our GreenDay. more…

  • Russia / Events highlighting environmental protection

    GreenDay countdown

    2016-03-08 |

    As in previous years, our GreenDay campaign is set to start on 5 June. Once again, ebm-papst subsidiaries from all over the world will be taking part with their projects focusing on environmental protection. Our colleagues in Russia have already sent us great ideas for their GreenDay 2016.


  • Italy / A clean and green Mozzate


    2016-02-05 |

    In 2015, ebm-papst Italy sponsored and supported the event MOZZATE PULITA (A CLEAN / GREEN MOZZATE) with high-visibility vests and gloves showing our logo. more…

  • Australia & New Zealand / Generate broader awareness

    Experience Innovation

    2016-02-03 |

    On the 26th of February ebm-papst A&NZ arranges the second event informing about technical innovation in accordance with sustainability. more…

  • Japan / Planting and harvesting vegetables in the office

    Harvest, eat and donate

    2016-01-08 |

     Our Japanese colleagues tried to plant some vegetables in their office. more…

  • Austria / Animation for more movement

    Campaign: We do meters

    2015-09-15 |

    Our colleagues in Upper Austria covered as much meters on foot during their work and leisure time as possible. This piqued  their interest for more movement and their own health. more…

  • United Kingdom / Big step into the future

    Sponsorship for the new EXplora Centre in Dorset

    2015-08-26 |

    Financial support announced to help develop new Science, Technology and Discovery Centre


  • Southeast Asia / Donating and economising

    For children and earthquake victims

    2015-07-07 |

    ebm-papst SEA, our subsidiary in Singapore, marked this year’s GreenDay with a total of three campaigns – one of them a donation drive for the earthquake victims in Nepal. more…

  • Germany, St. Georgen / Health day

    Green = healthy

    2015-07-06 |

    This year’s GreenDay campaigns in St. Georgen and Herbolzheim were totally focused on the most eco-friendly and natural ways of getting around – walking respectively running. more…

  • China / Succulents to win

    Environment protection in Middle Kingdom

    2015-07-02 |

    At ebm-papst China, staff was asked to submit proposals on what to do for the GreenDay campaign. In addition, a competition was run to take part in a beauty pageant to find the most gorgeous looking succulent. more…

  • Japan / From lights down to warm clothing

    Growing vegetables thanks to huge windows

    2015-07-02 |

    For GreenDay 2015, ebm-papst Japan has decided to continue all the events and campaigns which have already been implemented throughout the past years. more…

  • Germany, Lauf / Get moving

    Taking steps to win free shopping at the DIY

    2015-07-02 |

    For this year’s GreenDay, ebm-papst had organized four campaigns, all of which focused on “get moving”. more…

  • Austria / Hitting the wall

    One week without plastics

    2015-07-01 |

    The first shopping without using any plastic was not at all easy and our experiment definitely had its teething problems. more…

GreenDay at ebm-papst

GreenDay is an international campaign of all global ebm-papst subsidiaries.

Around 12,000 employees show
their sustainable activities – not
only for one day but throughout the entire year.

Just like the motto says:

„Every day is a GreenDay.“

GreenDay video 2014


Energy Scouts in the USA

Three Energy Scouts from Mulfingen are from 1 to 7 June in the USA and present their project.

For environment and animals

The colleagues in the USA donate amongst others for an animal welfare organization.

New illumination

ebm-papst Ural replaced their luminescent tubes with LED lamps.

Pressing away

For GreenDay 2013, ebm-papst Russia bought and installed their own paper press.

Bike tour in São Paulo

As part of their GreenDay campaign, our staff in Brazil invited their families to team up and take a bike tour through São Paulo .

Plastic break

Our Austrian colleagues tested for one week how difficult it is to buy products without plastic.

world map ebm-papst

Events by Country

Subsidiaries from all around the world participate in the GreenDay campaign. Choose a country to find out which events are happening there.

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