• Carbon neutrality

    Bike instead of car

    2015-06-11 |

    As an incentive for staff to take part in this year’s GreenDay campaign, ebm-papst Landshut came up with brilliant ideas.

    Leaving green footprints

    Environmental protection starts on your way to work – this is what the Landshut team firmly believes in. This is why staff is to get to work not by car, but rather by bike, on foot or by train. All those doing this in as CO2-neutral a way as possible got an apple from an organic farm near the Lake of Constance as a token of appreciation.

    GreenDay menu

    There was a special GreenDay menu waiting for staff in the canteen. All ingredients were regionally and sustainably grown. The GreenDay menu was offered on 9 June at a special price of €4.

    Energy quiz

    Those interested in finding out more about sustainable projects at ebm-papst were invited to join in an energy quiz in Plant 1. Trainees had manned various info points on items such as job bike (JobRad), thermal insulation, thermal imaging camera and disposal of reusable material. One question had to be answered at every station. Those having got everything right had a good chance of winning one of the super prizes which had been organized. The highlight definitely was the chance to win a weekend together with the use of an E-Smart.

  • Stabilising a bank

    A place to rest

    2014-11-25 |

    A place to sit among young willows right by the side of the water – sounds like an ideal spot to switch off and gaze into space. 50 employees from ebm-papst Landshut accompanied by Leon Green really put their backs into the job. As part of their GreenDay activities they planted 50 young willows right by the side of the Pfettrach river to help stabilise the bank. They used a special machine to drill the holes intended to hold the trees.
    As well as the 50 young trees, ebm-papst and the Landshut regional water authority placed dolomite blocks over a length of 3.5 metres along the bank of the Pfettrach. A stone mason chiselled the ebm-papst logo into this seating arrangement.

  • Saving energy

    Saving x3

    2014-08-13 |

    Any energy not used is the best way of saving the climate and your money. To do so, it may often be a good thing to get rid of old device and invest in new and energy-saving products. Primary costs may be a bit higher in some respect, but reducing your energy costs means this pays off fairly quickly.

    For GreenDay, our Landshut facility singled out three energy-saving projects:

    1. Saving electric power.

    The past months saw 1,500 fluorescent tubes being replaced by LED lamps which consume less than half the energy of the tubes. This makes Landshut enjoy savings of about 288,000 kWh per year – which corresponds to the average power consumption of about 192 single households or €40,000 per year. 

    2. Less CO2 and noise.

    The new crude gas truck in Landshut is extremely low in emission. Compared to a diesel truck, it emits up to 20 percent less CO2. And it makes only half the noise of a diesel truck. 

    3. New system.

    At the beginning of the year, ep Landshut replaced their old heating system in the hazardous goods warehouse. The new system supplied by one of our customers is still in the trial phase, but the estimated annual savings already amount to 51,000 kWh – this corresponds to the average power consumption of 34 single households.

  • Energy scouts

    Scouts starting off quick as lightning

    2013-07-16 | Though only starting their work in April, our energy scouts have already checked out the first production are “Shed 1” in great detail. During the GreenDay, our five energy scouts introduced themselves and presented their project to the rest of the staff: Using highly sensitive measuring equipment, they are determined to look for energy saving potential.

    The scouts also demonstrated how they check compressed air lines for leaks. For the production area “Shed 1”, our energy scouts had already obtained first results. 15 leaks were found, twelve of which they repaired themselves and on the spot. This is, after all, an impressive 80%. The rest of the leaks had to be repaired by our specialist department. In total, we save 9,843 kg CO2* and 9,662 Euro annually – this translates into daily CO2 saving of 27 kg CO2.

    *The energy scouts save about 18,028 kWh annually. 1 kwH corresponds in Germany to about 0.546 kg CO2. Source: German Federal Environment Agency

  • Eco-friendly to work

    An apple this day – keep pollution at bay

    2013-07-11 | Every single member of staff who left their car at home on our GreenDay in Landshut got a small reward for doing so upon their arrival at work. Coming to work this morning in an eco-friendly way, i.e. on foot, by bike or public transport, earned them a token of our appreciation in the form of an apple from controlled regional farming.

  • Green mobility

    Natural gas, electricity and muscular strength

    2013-07-02 | During our GreenDay, we presented different concepts for green mobility.  Transporting goods between our head office, plant 2 and the logistic & distribution centre is via a truck powered by natural gas and running every 90 minutes. Our staff could find out anything they wanted about this vehicle, thus getting better information on the benefits of running on natural gas and on all the technical details involved.

    Moreover, our colleagues had the chance to test drive our first electric car. This met with overwhelming interest, with quite a lot of them going for a quick ride and finding out about the benefits of electric cars.

    On top of this, there was an info booth on our new job bike, the so-called “JobRad”: The bicycle specialist we are co-operating with gave expert advice to staff so they can choose their ideal model. Instead of paying for it directly in the shop, part of their gross wages or salary is retained to pay the leasing rate to the service provider.

    This is a scheme absolutely new to the region and everybody interested had a chance to get more information on it during our GreenDay.The day before, we had already run a Health Day, offering our staff the chance to test a number of different bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes.

  • In-house fair

    ebm-papst inside

    2013-06-17 | One of the highlights of this year’s GreenDay was our in-house fair. We presented various customer devices and units and placed the ebm-papst products they contained right next to them. In short intervals, one of our sales engineers acted as guide to this exhibition and answered all the questions our staff had concerning our products and their efficiency.

    He also explained in detail why switching to a succeeding ebm-papst product model pays off both economically and ecologically. This, ways, our staff had yet another chance to see and become all the more aware of the practical application our GreenTech philosophy.

  • Review 12

    A car-free zone

    2012-06-28 | “During ‘Every Day is a GreenDay’, our courtyard became a car-free zone. In our cafeteria we had an information stand which was designed and staffed by our trainees. And a small ‘farmers market’ had fruit and vegetables from local fields. But environmental awareness also slipped into the foreground more noticeably in my own home.

    Tanja Haage

    Tanja Haage

    My eight-year-old daughter was inspired by the brochure ‘Our commitment for a clean future’. She was also totally taken by our step counter campaign – for one whole week the entire staff had to try to take as many steps as possible.”

    Tanja Haage
    Manager of Order Processing
    ebm-papst Landshut

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • GreenWeek in the cafeteria
    • Go to work by bicycle
    • GreenTech booth
    • step counter action – „ebm-papst goes around the world“

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GreenDay Projects

  • Energy saving through investments
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Energiescouts
  • Explanation of energy efficiency classes
  • Test drive bikes to work
  • GreenTech menu

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