• Switching to LEDs

    Shining bright

    2014-07-24 |

    A few weeks ago, our subsidiary in Korea announced they were going to switch from halogen lamps to LEDs – and now this switch has been completed: All of the eight lamps in their warehouse were replaced by LEDs. Thanks to this clever move, the subsidiary can now enjoy savings of about 170 kWh per month.

  • Switching to LEDs

    3 good reasons for LED lights

    2014-06-06 | Taking out halogen bulbs, putting in LED lights – this is the motto at ebm-papst Korea. This summer, the Korean subsidiary will completely switch their warehouse lighting to LEDs. Eui-Soo Kim is in charge of the converting project and identifies the three main reasons for switching to LED lights:

    1. Energy efficiency

    LED lights have extremely low power consumption. Compared to conventional lighting, they allow an energy saving of up to 85%.

    2. Long service life

    Depending on use, LEDs can last for more than 50,000 operating hours. This also means lower maintenance costs and less waste.

    3. Eco-friendliness

    LED lights contain no hazardous or harmful substances such as mercury or lead. Moreover, as their power consumption is low, they cause a lot less CO2 emissions than conventional light sources.

  • Review 2012

    Taking the campaign to the trade fair

    2013-03-12 |

    “With the campaign, it quickly became clear to us that ‘Every day is a GreenDay’ is not just a slogan but needs to be lived every day in order to effectively protect the environment.

    Hwa-Young Lee

    Hwa-Young Lee

    So for an entire day we tried not to produce any waste and avoided using elevators. We also presented the GreenTech philosophy at the HARFKO trade fair. The visitors quickly adopted this global approach, participated actively in the events, gratefully used our recycling buckets, and even promised a stronger daily personal commitment to the environment.”

    Hwa-Young Lee
    Head of Administration
    ebm-papst Korea Co. Ltd.



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  • Switch from Halogen to LED lamps in the warehouse

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