• Planting and harvesting vegetables in the office

    Harvest, eat and donate

    2016-01-08 |

     Our Japanese colleagues tried to plant some vegetables in their office.

    For this year’s GreenDay activity our Japanese colleagues decided to cultivate some vegetables in the office. Even though there were many doubts about whether it would work out various vegetables were planted: cocumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, okras, and basil. The Japanese colleagues were very happy because all of the vegetables they planted grew to fruit bearing plants without using any chemicals. Harvesting the vegetables was a joyful event they celebrated afterwards with cooking and eating them. Several vegetables and additional 10kg of rice (corresponding to 125 peaces of bread) were donated to a beneficent organization that helps feeding the homeless people in Yokohama.

    green pepper

    Green pepper

    red and yellow pepper

    Red an yellow pepper










    They acted like this.
    1ststep:   Plant seeds
    2ndstep:  Watch carefully and take care of them every day
    3rdstep:   Be surprised about blooming flowers
    4thstep:   Appreciate the new grown fruits and have fun harvesting them

  • From lights down to warm clothing

    Growing vegetables thanks to huge windows

    2015-07-02 |

    For GreenDay 2015, ebm-papst Japan has decided to continue all the events and campaigns which have already been implemented throughout the past years.

    The colleagues in Sales keep realizing customer projects with GreenTech products and push for EC technology being used more widely.  All energy-saving measures in place are also set to continue. One such measure is reducing energy consumption by switching off the lights during their lunch break. Other campaigns, such as “Eco caps” and “Used stamps” will also continue to be promoted.

    However, there is also a new campaign, started at the end of 2014: ebm-papst is an active part of “Fun to share”, an internet platform of the Ministry of the Environment in Japan. On this platform, campaigns focusing on energy-saving and sustainability are shared and promoted. Our colleagues from ebm-papst Japan are listed for these campaigns:

    Information about the "Light Down" campaign on the Japanese Website Fun to Share.

    Information about the „Light Down“ campaign on the Japanese Website Fun to Share.

    a) “Light down”, 22 June 2015, from 20:00-22:00
    b) “Cool earth day light down”,  7 July 2015, from 20:00 to 22:00
    c) “Super cool biz”: Office air-conditioning temperature is set to 27 or 28°C. From 1 June to 30 September 2015, light and cool clothing is worn.
    d) “Super warm biz”: Office air-conditioning temperature is set to 20°C.  From 1 December 2015 to 31 March 2016, warm clothing is worn. 
    e) “Smart move”: People are encouraged to use public transport, walk or ride their bikes

    As if this was not enough, our colleagues at ebm-papst Japan had another bright idea: As their offices have really large windows, letting in lots of sunlight, they are going to try and grow their own vegetables there. These will then be donated to a shelter for homeless people in Yokohama.

  • Office move

    Welcome to our energy-saving office

    2014-12-08 |

    The main reason for moving our office was to have more space in order to be prepared for our future growth in team members, and to have a more representative and organized office space, especially when customers are visiting. However, when searching for a new place, we made sure that the building is more “earthquake safe”, due to the frequent quakes here in Japan, last but not least:  that the new building is “greener” than the old one. 

    The new office is in an office tower which was built in 2009 and is a “Class A” building according to the CASBEE scale by the Japan GreenBuild Council (JaGBC) and Japan Sustainable Building Consortium (JSBC). The “Class A” listing of our building means a very good “total efficiency”, which is determined measuring the “impact of the building on the environment” and the “efficiency of the building in operation”.

    In our new office, we also continue our “lights-off-during-lunch-time” campaign, which we started in our old premises back in 2012. The target was and is to reduce the energy consumption during this time (1hour), as most of the colleagues have lunch outside the office anyway.

  • Collecting bottle caps

    How bottle caps are helping children

    2014-07-16 |

    For seven years now, our subsidiary in Japan has been involved in and supported the non-profit-organisation Ecocap. Sales assistant Michiko Tsukamoto provides background information.

    What is Ecocap all about?

    This organisation collects used PET bottle caps from us and other companies and then sells them for recycling. The profit they make goes towards buying vaccines for needy children all over the world – 800 bottle caps translate into one polio inoculation. A nice side effect is the fact that this number of recycled caps also saves about 6 kilos of CO2 – as these caps would otherwise just have been incinerated.

    What made you decide to support this project?

    PET bottles are a big part of everyday life in Japan – after all, our country sports more than 2.2 million beverage vending machines. People here are simply used to being able to enjoy a cold drink 24 hours a day. This also applies to our staff. But as we do not want to produce any unnecessary waste, we were looking for useful recycling schemes, and so we came across Ecocap. But we also have the bottles recycled, not just the caps.

    What is the feedback you get from your staff and customers?

    All our staff fully support this campaign – some even bring in caps from home. And some of our customers have already joined in as well – Ecocap has become a famous campaign in the Japanese business community

  • Campaign launch at trade fair

    Promote and save

    2013-05-23 | The DATA CENTER Trade Fair 2013, held 8 – 10 May 2013 in Tokyo Big Sight, we saw us starting our GreenDay 2013 promotion. For the third time in a row, ebm-papst Japan participated in this trade fair. On the wall of our booth, we put up a GreenDay poster for passers-by.

    During the three days of the fair, we distributed flyers, and whenever customers took documentation with them, they were given a flyer as well. These flyers were printed “for free” by our printing company by using available paper space when printing other material. Doing so reduced their paper waste and allowed us to get the necessary campaign material at the same time. We continue distributing the flyers whenever we visit customers and enclose one in each envelope when sending out invoices.

    The technical highlights at our booth were our biggest RadiPac centrifugal fan with an impeller size of 1.250mm, the AxiTop diffuser, and a fan array showing the advantages of our EC fans where redundancy was required. The objective was to further promote our EC product range for use in data centres, a booming business here in Japan. Customers coming to this fair always look for ways to reduce the energy consumption within their data centre application. High efficiency energy-saving fans play a major role in this.

  • Review 2012

    Think more about the items we use every day

    2012-07-10 | “On the occasion of the campaign, we began to think more about the items we use every day, which simply used to find their way into the trash. For example, we recently began donating bottle caps to charitable organisations, which use the income from recycling for charitable purposes.

    Michiko Tsukamoto

    Michiko Tsukamoto

    Actions such as that produced a general change in our thinking. Since then it has also passed on to our friends and customers. In this way, ‘Everyday is a GreenDay’ is effective even long after the awareness week.”

    Michiko Tsukamoto
    Sales Assistant
    ebm-papst Industries Japan K.K.

    Other Events of the Subsidiary in 2012:

    • Collecting Caps and Uused Stamps for recycling
    • Sales Promotion „GreenTech“
    • Turned the electricity Lights off during Lunch Time to save energy
    • Reduce the usage of Paper in the Office



ebm-papst Japan K.K.
Armin Schnell
Attend on Tower 13F
2-8-12 Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku
222-0033 Yokohama

GreenDay Projects

  • Projects with GreenTech customers
  • Promote EC technology
  • Support the Yokohama Smart City Project
  • Reduction of our energy consumption
  • Support of the Eco Caps Movement

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