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    2016-02-05 |

    In 2015, ebm-papst Italy sponsored and supported the event MOZZATE PULITA (A CLEAN / GREEN MOZZATE) with high-visibility vests and gloves showing our logo.

    On 18th April and on 28th November, everyone in Mozzate was asked to clean up the local roads and parks from waste and garbage. The invitation was very successful and children, adults, together with the mayor and city council of Mozzate, took part in the event. Furthermore, every class of the primary school of Mozzate was involved and had a particular area to clean.

    Thanks to the vests and gloves donated by ebm-papst Italy, the children were clearly visible and could safely operate on the streets. The participants are an example to all those who are still struggling to develop a deeper awareness of what respect for the environment and our responsibility for a cleaner world means. This is the philosophy of ebm-papst and the reason why ebm-papst Italy decided to support and promote this action.

    In addition to the clean-up, the subsidiary sponsored an event called DIFFERENZIAMOCI, a meeting organized by the city council of Mozzate and with a clear focus on recycling. The event took place on 14th December.

  • Review 2012

    The best recipe for a green future

    2012-05-02 | “GreenWeek has fortified our environmental awareness. Recycling, getting exercise together in nature, strengthening the team spirit, trying local products – that is the best recipe for a green future. It was very important for us to pass on this philosophy to our employees, but even more important was our social commitment.

    Michela Rimoldi

    Michela Rimoldi

    Therefore we want to use games to pass environmental awareness on to nursery school children. In this country it is important to persuade people to recycle, as that is not mandatory in all communities. On the contrary: The generated waste keeps increasing, there are ever more rubbish dumps and that is how nature gets polluted. With ‘Every day is a GreenDay’ we were able to begin showing that environmentally conscious handling of resources determines our life in future.”

    Michela Rimoldi
    Sales Assistant
    ebm-papst Italy

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • GreenDay in kindergarden
      • The topics are „environment and nature“. We are planting trees with the children and inform about the nature around us.
    • Save energy at Work
      • Today we pay special attention to all electrical appliances and try to save energy. For example, no stand-by mode or shut down the computer in the lunch break.
    • We replace plastic
      • Distribution of shopping bags made of cloth to all employees. Bags are filled with green tech products
    • The cars remain at home
      • Walk in asparagus fields, the hike takes place in Cantello, near Varese.



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Michela Rimoldi
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GreenDay Projects

  • A clean and green Mozzate
  • Waste separation and recycling

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