• New photovoltaic system

    Photovoltaics meet GreenTech

    2015-02-23 |

    Only recently, ebm-papst India started using solar energy to cover part of their energy demand. Rainer Hundsdörfer, chairman of the board of directors of the ebm-papst Group, along with Atul Tripathi, managing director of ebm-past India, officially inaugurated the new photovoltaic system which has a peak capacity of 100 KW.

    Installed on the roof of a building in our Chennai site, the solar system not only consists of the solar cells, but also six solar inverters in which ebm-papst fans are installed. A computer monitors the entire system in real time and always has the latest information on current output. For better visualisation of the data, there are two displays at our site.

  • Saving paper and toner

    Enhance the eco-footprint

    2014-06-24 |

    When going about our daily business, we hardly take the time to work out ways in which we could reduce paper consumption. At ebm-papst India, S.V.Rathnaji explains how his subsidiary plans to do just that: “First of all, we looked at the impact of high paper consumption on the environment. The figures we found were interesting and impressive:

    • Waste paper has a 40% share in all the waste ending in waste dumps
    • Each recycled ton of paper means 17 trees do not have to be cut
    • Producing recycled paper consumes 64% less energy than producing paper made from the cellulose of fresh wood fibres
    • 80% of the paper printed on in offices is just for draft versions 

    Aware of this now, and eager to contribute to a more eco-friendly use of paper, we decided to cut our consumption by 20%. This is what we’ll do:

    1. Raising awareness

    To start with, we shall inform staff on the topic and present the facts we found on paper consumption, so we get a grass-root commitment to achieve our reduction.

    2. More deliberate printing

    Duplex print will become our standard printer setting in the office. We shall also try and cut down on the “Print all” function by only printing out the pages we really and actually need.

    3. Saving on toner

    Colour printing is something we shall only be doing where absolutely necessary (e.g. with customer presentations). Printing in draft quality will also help. And by simply having fewer printers in the office, we prevent the drying out of toner cartridges with less frequently used printers.

    4. Doing our own recycling

    We shall be using our misprints for sketches, drafts and notes, which helps us cut down on the consumption of new paper once more.”

  • Review 2012

    Planting trees

    2012-12-17 |

    In order to turn the green philosophy into deeds, at first we have to enhance the awareness of it among our employees and the society they live in.

    Rathinam Chandramohan

    Rathinam Chandramohan

    As a powerful symbol for that, all of our employees were given a little teak tree to plant at home. It should remind them of GreenTech every day.

    Rathinam Chandramohan
    HR Manager
    ebm-papst India Pvt. Ltd.



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GreenDay Projects

  • Installation of solar PV plant at our manufacturing facility
  • Cut down our paper consumption in entire company by around 20%

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