GreenDay 2014 – Review

  • Germany, Landshut

    Saving x3

    2014-08-13 |

    Any energy not used is the best way of saving the climate and your money. To do so, it may often be a good thing to get rid of old device and invest in new and energy-saving products. Primary costs may be a bit higher in some respect, but reducing your energy costs means this pays off fairly quickly. more…

  • United States of America

    Update for air-conditioning system

    2014-08-07 |

    New air-conditioning system for Farmington: Early this year, staff at our subsidiary in the US replaced parts of their air-conditioning system. All in all, they exchanged equipment weighing around 200 tons. This hard work paid off: Their modernized air-conditioning system is a lot more energy-efficient. Based on current energy costs, the new system should allow them savings of about €13,000 per year. more…

  • Germany, Mulfingen

    Great taste – great effect

    2014-07-30 |

    Each day, Dietmar Jeßberger and his team serve about 1,000 lunches in the canteen in Mulfingen. Making sure sustainable ingredients are used is a matter of course for the chef.

    Mr Jeßberger, why is sustainability an important issue for the canteen in Mulfingen?

    Well, we are part of a company where sustainability, efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions are playing a central role. These principles do not only apply to our products and processes, but cover all other areas of business as well. As I see it, we here in our canteen simply do our bit to make sure we have a sustainable company.


  • Korea

    Shining bright

    2014-07-24 |

    A few weeks ago, our subsidiary in Korea announced they were going to switch from halogen lamps to LEDs – and now this switch has been completed: All of the eight lamps in their warehouse were replaced by LEDs. Thanks to this clever move, the subsidiary can now enjoy savings of about 170 kWh per month. more…

  • Japan

    How bottle caps are helping children

    2014-07-16 |

    For seven years now, our subsidiary in Japan has been involved in and supported the non-profit-organisation Ecocap. Sales assistant Michiko Tsukamoto provides background information. more…

  • Russia

    Pressing away

    2014-07-09 |

    For GreenDay 2013, ebm-papst Russia bought and installed their own paper press. Their waste paper is optimally compressed and can easily be sold to recycling companies. Now, a year later, the subsidiary sold a total of 1.6 tons of pressed paper. Based on the income thus generated, one thing is quite clear: it will only take another six month to have recovered the full cost of the press. more…

  • Germany, Lauf

    Sustainability taking roots

    2014-07-02 |

    To make their contribution to sustainability and a greener urban environment, the colleagues at Zeitlauf decided to plant a tree. As location for the local sessile-fruited oak, the tree of the year 2014, they chose the Kunigundenberg, a local hill, in Lauf. Benedikt Bisping, mayor of Lauf, and Thomas Horz, managing director of ebm-papst Zeitlauf, took matters in their own hands and dug the planting hole, cheered on by colleagues from Zeitlauf and the town administration. more…

  • Benelux

    3 alternatives for commuters

    2014-06-27 |

    Our staff in Benelux came up with quite an extraordinary idea to mark our GreenDay: In keeping with the slogan “Green Ride”, they challenged all colleagues to get to work in a green and eco-friendly way – in any which way they liked. Be that bike, bus or even hitchhiking. Just to give you an idea of the creative response to the challenge, here are three colleagues and their alternatives:  more…

  • India

    Enhance the eco-footprint

    2014-06-24 |

    When going about our daily business, we hardly take the time to work out ways in which we could reduce paper consumption. At ebm-papst India, S.V.Rathnaji explains how his subsidiary plans to do just that: “First of all, we looked at the impact of high paper consumption on the environment. The figures we found were interesting and impressive: more…

  • Germany, St. Georgen

    4 tips on healthy drinking

    2014-06-20 |

    Together with the Siemens health insurance fund (SBK), our site in St. Georgen marks GreenDay with the launch of their campaign “Drink to stay fit!/Trink dich Fit!“. Natalija Kuberczyk, responsible for health management, explains what this campaign is all about. “Making sure our staff is and remains healthy is of particular importance to us. This is why we want to raise awareness of how vital it is to drink enough water, especially at work. A few simple tips help your body to become and stay more productive all day long: more…

  • Brazil

    Bike tour in São Paulo

    2014-06-16 |

    As part of their GreenDay campaign, our staff in Brazil invited their families to team up and take a bike tour. Cycling along the heavily contaminated Pinheiro river which cuts through São Paulo brought it home to all of them why protecting the environment is a necessary and vital task. The photos and the video clip were taken by our colleagues to share their impressions with you.  more…

  • Belarus

    Fresh air thanks to heat recovery

    2014-06-12 |

    In August, ebm-papst Belarus will finally have their new air-conditioning system which has a heat recovery unit as well. Sales manager Aliaksei Vinnik is looking forward to it: more…

  • Austria

    GreenDay Menu of their own

    2014-06-10 |

    Buying seasonally and regionally gets you fresh products and you save on transportation – this idea prompted staff at our Austrian subsidiary to come up with their own seasonal asparagus menu. Christina Krupp, Marketing Manager at ebm-papst Austria, shares their story: more…

  • Korea

    3 good reasons for LED lights

    2014-06-06 | Taking out halogen bulbs, putting in LED lights – this is the motto at ebm-papst Korea. This summer, the Korean subsidiary will completely switch their warehouse lighting to LEDs. Eui-Soo Kim is in charge of the converting project and identifies the three main reasons for switching to LED lights: more…

  • Denmark

    Heat from a distance

    2014-06-05 | Our subsidiary in Denmark has been using district heat for a while now. Torben Kirkholt, Managing Director of ebm-papst Denmark, explains how this works and gives the key benefits prompting the switch.

    “With district heat, the waste heat produced when generating electric power is stored and fed into a thermally insulated pipe system. This supplies households as far away as 50 kilometres with warm water and heating. For some time now, our site has been supplied like this. Going for district heat has brought us many benefits: more…

GreenDay at ebm-papst

GreenDay is an international campaign of all global ebm-papst subsidiaries.

Around 12,000 employees show
their sustainable activities – not
only for one day but throughout the entire year.

Just like the motto says:

„Every day is a GreenDay.“

GreenDay video 2014


Energy Scouts in the USA

Three Energy Scouts from Mulfingen are from 1 to 7 June in the USA and present their project.

For environment and animals

The colleagues in the USA donate amongst others for an animal welfare organization.

New illumination

ebm-papst Ural replaced their luminescent tubes with LED lamps.

Pressing away

For GreenDay 2013, ebm-papst Russia bought and installed their own paper press.

Bike tour in São Paulo

As part of their GreenDay campaign, our staff in Brazil invited their families to team up and take a bike tour through São Paulo .

Plastic break

Our Austrian colleagues tested for one week how difficult it is to buy products without plastic.

world map ebm-papst

Events by Country

Subsidiaries from all around the world participate in the GreenDay campaign. Choose a country to find out which events are happening there.

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