GreenDay 2013 – Review

  • Germany, Landshut

    Natural gas, electricity and muscular strength

    2013-07-02 | During our GreenDay, we presented different concepts for green mobility.  Transporting goods between our head office, plant 2 and the logistic & distribution centre is via a truck powered by natural gas and running every 90 minutes. Our staff could find out anything they wanted about this vehicle, thus getting better information on the benefits of running on natural gas and on all the technical details involved. more…

  • Australia & New Zealand

    Everyone can save

    2013-07-01 | GreenDay in Sydney started off with basic cleaning and an attempt to reduce paper-based wastes from the office and the block premises. A thorough cleaning was performed near the main mail box area to start with. All the junk mails from all the boxes have been collected and disposed in our recycling area. Inside office, paper-based communications were avoided whenever and wherever possible. more…

  • Ural

    Green mail

    2013-06-28 | Since 5 June 2013, we started sending out an environment newsletter with standard instructions developed by ebm-papst Ural to educational institutions and industrial enterprises in the Ural and Siberia. Topics covered are the protection of the environment, saving natural resources and information about ebm-papst products. more…

  • United States of America

    Making do without car

    2013-06-27 | Part of our GreenDay campaign was the attempt to get to work causing as little emission as possible. So our staff took to their bicycles, organized car pools and simply walked or jogged to work. Doing so saved around 445 car kilometers. more…

  • Germany, Mulfingen

    Lively start

    2013-06-26 | Naturally, we had quite a full programme for our GreenDay at headquarters in Mulfingen. To name just a few: All members of staff were given a hessian bag with seed bags of regional plants; our senior chef Dietmar Jeßberger served a specially created GreenDay menu; and two university students presented a miniature wind power plant. more…

  • Sweden

    Professional waste management

    2013-06-26 | ebm-papst Sweden is very successful in organizing recycling procedures: We invested in press machines for plastic and paper materials. We also sort out certain metal scrap and sell this for recycling. more…

  • Germany, St. Georgen

    Getting rid of leakages

    2013-06-25 | At a training session during our GreenDay campaign, our energy scouts presented the actions taken to improve our pressurised air system on the production floors. Using a pressure gauge, they hunted for and identified a number of weak spots. They then replaced any flawed hoses and mounted new sealing elements. more…

  • Russia

    Nature on our desks

    2013-06-24 | At ebm-papst Russia, a large number of various plants arranged on the desks makes sure the offices are a lot greener than before. As part of their GreenDay drive, all team members picked their individual plant which is theirs to make prosper and grow.

  • China

    Say NO to bottled water in the office

    2013-06-21 | Do you drink bottled water a lot? You like its convenience? Well, think again… is it really necessary to drink bottled water in the office? We here at ebm-papst China don’t think so. Here is why: The plastic bottles are not so friendly to the environment. Let’s have a look at some of our actions here at ebm-papst China. more…

  • Australia & New Zealand

    „GreenDay gets everybody thinking“

    2013-06-19 | As GreenDay 2013 was coming up, we asked our colleagues what they think of the campaign and what this day means to them. Watch their answers right here. more…

  • Belarus

    Green seminar

    2013-06-18 | In co-operation with our customer Agromaster, we organised a “green” seminar focusing on environmental protection and energy-saving devices. Welcoming representatives from various companies, we were especially pleased to see Nistuk Vladimir Petrovich, Director of the Society for Renewable Energies, taking part in our seminar. more…

  • Germany, Landshut

    ebm-papst inside

    2013-06-17 | One of the highlights of this year’s GreenDay was our in-house fair. We presented various customer devices and units and placed the ebm-papst products they contained right next to them. In short intervals, one of our sales engineers acted as guide to this exhibition and answered all the questions our staff had concerning our products and their efficiency. more…

  • Ural

    Planting in the rain

    2013-06-14 | We joined the “All-Russia Society for Environmental Protection”. As part of this commitment, we devoted a whole day to planting cedars and silver firs in the grounds of the Children’s Oncology Medical Centre in Yekaterinburg on 7 June 2013. more…

  • France

    Let the sun shine

    2013-06-13 | In keeping with our GreenTech philosophy, ebm-papst France considered it only a natural and fair duty in our energy development scheme to install some photovoltaic panels on the plant facade. With the belated official inauguration ceremony on 5 June 2013, we celebrated two years of successful operation. more…

  • Russia

    Setting a good example

    2013-06-12 | With a small gesture we want to send an important message: Our office now features a small box in which our team collects all their used batteries. more…

GreenDay at ebm-papst

GreenDay is an international campaign of all global ebm-papst subsidiaries.

Around 12,000 employees show
their sustainable activities – not
only for one day but throughout the entire year.

Just like the motto says:

„Every day is a GreenDay.“

GreenDay video 2014


Energy Scouts in the USA

Three Energy Scouts from Mulfingen are from 1 to 7 June in the USA and present their project.

For environment and animals

The colleagues in the USA donate amongst others for an animal welfare organization.

New illumination

ebm-papst Ural replaced their luminescent tubes with LED lamps.

Pressing away

For GreenDay 2013, ebm-papst Russia bought and installed their own paper press.

Bike tour in São Paulo

As part of their GreenDay campaign, our staff in Brazil invited their families to team up and take a bike tour through São Paulo .

Plastic break

Our Austrian colleagues tested for one week how difficult it is to buy products without plastic.

world map ebm-papst

Events by Country

Subsidiaries from all around the world participate in the GreenDay campaign. Choose a country to find out which events are happening there.

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