• Health day

    Green = healthy

    2015-07-06 |

    This year’s GreenDay campaigns in St. Georgen and Herbolzheim were totally focused on the most eco-friendly and natural ways of getting around – walking respectively running.

    First of all, a physiotherapist took a closer look at the individual participants, scanned their individual pattern of movement in no time at all and pointed out any existing deficits or wrong movements. At the next station, a specialist from Adidas had participants running while carrying out comprehensive foot-analyzing.

    There was many a colleague who was quite surprised to find that certain physical discomforts, particularly with head, neck and shoulder, might actually be caused by wrong movement patterns or malposition of the feet. After all the stress, participants were given a shopping voucher from Sportvision and a new pedometer sponsored by the SBK (Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse) to help them get back on track.

    Most staff spent their lunchbreak in the canteen and enjoyed the special GreenDay menu, designed to ensure personal well-being and promote sustainability. In the afternoon, from 1 to 3 pm, there were even more activities offered in the showroom of plant 1. As before, the offers were enthusiastically taken up. About 50 gait and running analyses and coordination tests were carried out in St. Georgen, and about 50 pedometers were handed out.

    In Herbolzheim, too, staff was happy with the events offered as part of their GreenDay campaign. As the weather was nice, the individual stations were set up in the atrium. Specialists from the sports and health park “Rückgrat” checked participants on their present physical fitness.

    At the Sport Saar station, feet were checked. Staff even had the chance to book the most suitable running shoes or get tips on the best and correct running technique.  Here, too, a shopping voucher and a new pedometer sponsored by SBK were integrated in this GreenDay campaign. All in all, there were 39 pedometers handed out and 35 running analyses carried out in Herbolzheim.  

  • School cooperation

    Grown partnership

    2014-10-01 |

    To mark our GreenDay, the plant and personnel management of our Herbolzheim factory planted two sessile-fruited oaks on the campus of the Emil-Dörle-Verbundschule, a secondary school with both a technical and a non-technical faculty. The sessile-fruited oak is the Tree of the Year 2014 and is also called Nature’s Sanctuary, as it shelters and houses more than 50 different kinds of insects. The two young oaks are a symbol of the educational and learning partnership between the Verbundschule and the ebm-papst plant in Herbolzheim.

    This cooperation provides pupils with an opportunity to get to know the world of employment and a working environment before they even leave school. At regular intervals, ebm-papst instructors and training supervisors visit school classes and inform the teenagers on jobs the company trains young people in. Promotional events, road shows and application trainings help the young people to adequately prepare for working life.

  • Job bike

    On your bikes, steady, go!

    2014-08-20 |

    With the “Job bike” scheme, all our staff in St. Georgen can now get their own company bike. During GreenDay, our colleagues there took a closer at the bike scheme and expressed their opinion.

    Armin Wursthorn, development ILT compact fans:

    “Next year, I am definitely going to get myself a new bike. So I am going to make use of the job bike scheme. I think it is super to have a choice in both supplier and type of bike!”

    Thomas Glunz, development ILT power fans:

    “I think I may take advantage of the leasing scheme in future. What I am most impressed with is the tax benefit you get by financing the bike via gross income. This makes it all worthwhile for me!”

    Markus Härtel, modification and scheduling ventilation:

    „It is a brilliant alternative to get to work by job bike! It keeps me fit and in shape and is also good for the environment. I have already signed up for the leasing scheme and am absolutely thrilled by the whole thing!”

  • Healthy drinking

    4 tips on healthy drinking

    2014-06-20 |

    Together with the Siemens health insurance fund (SBK), our site in St. Georgen marks GreenDay with the launch of their campaign “Drink to stay fit!/Trink dich Fit!“. Natalija Kuberczyk, responsible for health management, explains what this campaign is all about. “Making sure our staff is and remains healthy is of particular importance to us. This is why we want to raise awareness of how vital it is to drink enough water, especially at work. A few simple tips help your body to become and stay more productive all day long:

    1. Drink at least 1.5 litres a day – this helps your body to regain some of the 2.5 litres of water it loses every day. Digesting food and your body’s own “recycling” make up for the rest of your body’s water balance.
    2. Divide the recommended amount into smaller portions – a tally helps to not lose track of the amount drunk.
    3. Drink at regular intervals throughout the day – this keeps you productive, healthy and alert. 
    4. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty – this body signal sets in after your water reserves have been almost used up and an alarming state of dehydration has already been reached.“
  • Energy savings book

    A savings book for the environment

    2013-07-22 | When it comes to mobility, there is huge potential for reducing CO2 . We proved this by being on the move in an eco-friendly way; doing so, we saved almost 3.8 tons of CO2 in the campaign period from 5 June to 5 July 2013. We were able to calculate this number as the 62 members of staff participating in this campaign used their so-called “energy savings books” to document exactly what distance from and to work they covered which way.

    The stunning result: They covered a total of 604.7 km on foot, cycled a total of 8,815.5 km and went a total of 21,645.1 km by train. As a token of our appreciation, every participant walking more than 12 km, cycling more than 72 km or going more than 360 km by train get “interest” on their savings in the form of vouchers for our company restaurant.

    All in all, our staff covered 31,065.3 km in any of the three ways qualifying as eco-friendly. Based on this figure, they saved 3,794 kg of CO2.*

    *The calculation is based on this source

  • Energy scouts

    Getting rid of leakages

    2013-06-25 | At a training session during our GreenDay campaign, our energy scouts presented the actions taken to improve our pressurised air system on the production floors. Using a pressure gauge, they hunted for and identified a number of weak spots. They then replaced any flawed hoses and mounted new sealing elements.

    Thanks to their initiative, we now save 247,200 kWh in energy every year which translates into 134,970 kg in CO2*. Per day, this means a saving in CO2 of 369.78 kg.

    *1 kwH corresponds in Germany to about 0.546 kg CO2. Source: German Federal Environment Agency

  • Review 2012

    Car-free week in St. Georgen

    2012-04-16 | “The ‘Every Day is a GreenDay’ campaign was very informative for us in St. Georgen. Above all the car-free week was well received. Many colleagues rode their bicycle to the office for the first time ever. Distances of 20 kilometres and more were crossed.

    Peter Metzger

    Peter Metzger

    All who accomplished this were rewarded with freshly pressed fruit juice – and a smile to boot. For everyone knows that if you have conquered our Bahnhofstraße (train station street) with its long incline, you can accomplish anything with ease.”

    Peter Metzger
    Manager Business Sector Development & Marketing
    ebm-papst St. Georgen


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    • Cycling Day, the cars remain at home
      • Employees should cycle to work or use the public Transport.
    • Information about the apprenticeship project „Energyscouts“
    • Energy consulting, GreenTech meets the media

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