• Get moving

    Taking steps to win free shopping at the DIY

    2015-07-02 |

    For this year’s GreenDay, ebm-papst had organized four campaigns, all of which focused on “get moving”.

    Almost all day long, staff had the chance to take a closer look at the bicycles put on display at the Franconian manufacturer “Fränkische Zweirad Manufaktur” and to learn more about the job bike offer. This job bike offer allows employees to buy their favorite bike via their employer and even enjoy tax benefits doing so. Their instalment payments are comfortably and directly deducted from their monthly salaries or wages. ebm-papst Zeitlauf offers the job bike in cooperation with “Fränkische Zweirad Manufaktur”, and so our colleagues from Lauf had the chance to ask for more details at the manufacturer’s visit at ebm-papst. They could also go for a ride on any of their pedelecs, city- and mountain bikes.

    From 11:00 to 11:30 and from 14:00 to 14:30, Matthias Trenz, market manager with ebm-papst Zeitlauf, presented the “Drive & Innovation” project. This project sees a conventional bike retrofitted and turned into an e-bike. Even more electric drive was provided to staff using company transport between the sites in Röthenbach and Lauf: Car dealer Friedrich had provided a BMW i3 – and this offer proved to be quite attractive and was heavily used all day. Throughout the day, the ebm-papst Zeitlauf Energy Scouts also informed on energy consumption in the company.

    At 14:15, the presentation of awards for the step-counting campaign started in March took place. In this campaign, almost all of the 70 employees were given a pedometer which they were supposed to use until GreenDay. These three members of staff recorded the most steps on their pedometers and were presented with vouchers for their local DIY: Janet Haas (First), Elke Breindl (Second) and Pamela Gieron (Third). 

    All in all, the GreenDay 2015 proved to be quite a success in Lauf, and staff was particularly happy about the e-car shuttle service.  

  • Energy-scouts

    Tracking down leakages

    2014-09-03 |

    Coinciding with our GreenDay, our colleagues from Zeitlauf have recruited their own energy-scouts. Three of their trainees are on a mission to spot waste and inefficient use of energy. Here, they talk about what prompted them to become so committed.


    What do you think of the project so far?

    Energiescout_Florian_SteckertFlorian Steckert, training for cutting machine operator: This project is absolutely new for us. But we are living up to this challenge and try to discover as many faulty spots as possible. We think it is important to have this opportunity of seeing our ideas for saving energy put into practice. What’s more, we want to create a good basis for our next generation.


    What preparatory work was needed for your job as an energy scout?

    Energiescout_Jasmin_MuellerJasmin Müller, training for industrial clerk: At first, we all got together to discuss what the requirements for this project were. The next question was which problems there were in our company and how we could remedy them. We collected lots of ideas and finally decided which equipment we needed to get.


    Are there any classic energy guzzlers or wasters in the company?

    Energiescout_Michael_KellermannMichael Kellermann, training for industrial mechanic: Yes, of course. The classic weak spots are leakages with our pressurised air system and light left on permanently even though nobody is in the room. This consumes an awful lot of energy and you can cut costs enormously by eliminating such situations. The pressurised air leakages are identified by using a pressurised air leakage gauge which we take along when going for our inspection tours of the company.

  • Planting a tree

    Sustainability taking roots

    2014-07-02 |

    To make their contribution to sustainability and a greener urban environment, the colleagues at Zeitlauf decided to plant a tree. As location for the local sessile-fruited oak, the tree of the year 2014, they chose the Kunigundenberg, a local hill, in Lauf. Benedikt Bisping, mayor of Lauf, and Thomas Horz, managing director of ebm-papst Zeitlauf, took matters in their own hands and dug the planting hole, cheered on by colleagues from Zeitlauf and the town administration.

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GreenDay Projects

  • Introduction of the energy scouts
  • Planting of a tree
  • LeaseRad bike leasing

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