• Green Day 2016 France

    2016-07-06 |


    ebm-papst France celebrated this years Green Day with a special activity. The colleagues from ebm-papst France planned to build new garden furniture out of wooden pallets.  

    Therefor, they created three groups and every group was responsible for one piece of furniture. The green idea behind building furniture was to create the garden furniture out of old or broken wooden pallets.

    This „green“ activity has now been added to the long list of environmental measurements the French subcompany is doing everyday.

  • School trip

    Young students getting to know about GreenTech

    2015-07-01 |

    To promote GreenDay 2015, ebm-papst France has invited 23 young students aged 9 to 10 from Obernai/Alsace, to a guided tour of our subsidiary to get to know more about the fan specialist.

    The day started at 8:30 for the youngsters who, in keeping with the eco-friendly mission of the campaign, walked all the way to ebm-papst. Once welcomed there, the students were taken to Strasbourg to visit a sorting station for household waste and learned about the way the sorting works. Back at ebm-papst, there was an outdoor lunch at 12:00 – weather permitting. Then there was the guided tour of the company and the corporate GreenTech initiative and guidelines were presented and discussed. What does GreenTech mean and stand for? It can be found in the products themselves, but also in the company building, in the waste separation system, in the lighting system, in a compactor for cardboard, etc.  All questions needed to be answered before 14:30, as the 23 students returned to their school then.  

  • Electric soap dispenser

    Clean saving

    2014-10-09 |

    Efficiency is the overriding principle for ebm-papst France, even down to hand hygiene. Lino Campisi, responsible for marketing at ebm-papst France explains the reason for replacing their soap dispensers:

    “For a very long time, we used soap dispensers with a mechanical level in all our toilets. This had two major drawbacks. The levels were quite prone to break, so we had to replace them fairly often. And our colleagues, too, had fallen into the habit of pulling the lever more than once, so we used far more soap than actually needed.

    And so we replaced twelve mechanical soap dispensers by electric ones. When you place your hand under the device, you get just the right amount of soap for washing your hands. This reduced our soap consumption by more than 50 percent. And as the new dispensers have no fragile mechanical parts, they will last a lot longer, too.”

  • Solar power

    Let the sun shine

    2013-06-13 | In keeping with our GreenTech philosophy, ebm-papst France considered it only a natural and fair duty in our energy development scheme to install some photovoltaic panels on the plant facade. With the belated official inauguration ceremony on 5 June 2013, we celebrated two years of successful operation.

    Our building facades are equipped with 56 panels of 5.72 m2 each:

    • 40 panels on the South facade produce up to 14,400 kWh/year
    • 8 panels on the East facade produce up to 2,880 kWh/year
    • 8 panels on the West facade produce up to 2,880 kWh/year

    The photovoltaic power of our installation amounts to 360 kWp per panel; this kilowatt-peak (kWp) refers to the potential power generation for a given sunshine period when the panel gets optimal conditions: ideal orientation, no shade, etc.

    The power of a photovoltaic panel in kW measures its capability to produce electricity. It is a technical characteristic depending only on the panel as such and not on the place where it is mounted. The electrical power is determined by the material of the photovoltaic panel and by its dimensions. The technology used for our panels is the amorphous silicon cell technology.

    Therefore, the generated current is direct current (DC) and an inverter must be added to get alternating current (AC). 5 inverters from SMA in type SB 3000, 3003 and 4600 are mounted for the 3 South panels, 1 West panel and 1 East panel ; these inverters are of course equipped with our ebm-papst compact fans type 3312.

    From December 2011 to December 2012, our photovoltaic system allowed us to produce 15,744 kWh, which – if generated in the conventional way- would have translated into 1.417 tons of CO2.*

    This production represents 7% of the total energy consumption of our plant in Obernai for that period. Of course, the production varies with the period of sunshine that we get. In our latitudes, the production average is estimated from 1,000 to 1,200 W/m2. At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, energy generation dropped due to the low sunshine periods at the time.

    Interest in photovoltaic panels is getting stronger and investing in them pays off in very short time, so naturally we hope that this eco-friendly project will be copied by other companies here, by our customers or partners, resulting in a higher number of green campaigns on our blue planet.

    *In France, one kWh corresponds to 0.09 kg of CO2 Source: www.econologie.com

  • Review 2012

    Eco cube

    2013-03-03 |

    “The week gave us the opportunity to arouse interest for the green philosophy among our employees. We developed the programme together: organic food, open house for customers, suppliers, and neighbouring businesses with showroom and dedication of our photovoltaic system, EC training for students of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology.

    Danielle Delmas

    Danielle Delmas

    And we visited a recycling centre with the entire team to learn about optimum household waste disposal. To close out the week, we handed out selfdesigned ‘eco citizen ebm-papst’ cubes with principles for a clean world to our customers.”

    Danielle Delmas
    Marketing and Communications
    ebm-papst sarl



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GreenDay Projects

  • Installation of a solar power system on the roof top

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