• Fitness at work

    Bowling, golfing, dancing

    2015-06-15 |

    At ebm-papst Finland, staff could actively improve their fitness during this year’s GreenDay campaign.

    Back in October 2014, our Finnish colleagues had already started a voluntary campaign to raise awareness for eating habits and the benefits of doing sports. This year saw the continuation of this program as GreenDay campaign, including talks on nutrition and diets, exercising with a professional coach and body fat measuring.

    There’s more to it than meets the eye

    One positive effect of the ongoing campaign is the fact that some colleagues started to work out more. Another effect is that staff has an increased awareness of food and nutrition. Over lunch, you can now hear people discussing the nutritional information on food labels or how the food is produced and where it comes from. Is the produce organically grown? Is it as fresh as possible? How much transport was involved in getting them on the plate in the canteen? Is the food we eat every day produced in a sustainable way?  

    Getting fit AND having fun!

    On the actual GreeenDay, some easy and moderate sports were offered to allow all staff to join in. The aim was to do something to get or stay in shape, but also to have fun doing it together. These sports included bowling, a dancing game with X-Box, a simulated round of golfing and, for the agile, a laser obstacle race. Moreover, our colleagues could try their hands at bow-and-arrow practice or four different kinds of driving simulations. After all the physical activity, dinner was served in a sea-side restaurant. However, staff had to first demonstrate what they had learnt – there was a quiz on the nutritional talks they had attended months before. The two colleagues with the best results in the quiz won an E-Bike each.  

    ebm-papst colleagues taking part in 10-km race

    Apart from all the activities offered in our Finnish subsidiary on 5 June 2015, two more activities are also closely associated with the GreenDay campaign: Four colleagues from ebm-papst Finland took part in the 10-km race in Helsinki, which takes place at the end of May every year and is for sportswomen only. This year, a total number of 16,000 women took part in this race.
    Also in May, there was an article on ebm-papst and an ad in the Finnish magazine “Yritysvastuu” (social responsibility). For the report, a number of managers from different companies and politics were interviewed – among them Frank From, the managing director of ebm-papst Finland. The ad showed a woman sponsored by ebm-papst who is one of the best triathletes in the world.

  • Experiencing nature first-hand

    Berry hungry

    2014-10-20 |

    Most people would say they love nature. But most people in the western hemisphere spend only a tiny fraction of their leisure time amidst blades of grass, twigs and bushes. This is exactly why the ebm-papst Finland team decided to roam hedges and heather together, trying to spot all the precious little things nature so generously offers. Finland is blessed with an abundance of wild berries: In the bushes and behind boulders, their bright colours give them away – mountain cranberry, sallow thorn, cloudberry and many more. Industriously, the ebm-papst team picked them all, learnt where to find them and what they are called – a botanical crash course!

    Having tasted the sweet side of nature, the team then got to know more about its more sinister side: rough seas. They went to visit the headquarters of the Baltic Sea Search & Rescue. There, our Finnish ebm-papst colleagues were glad to find out that operations as a matter of life and death are the exception in the archipelagos off the Finnish coast. The coastguards usually help coxswains with their damaged or defect boats or deliver urgently needed medication. Nonetheless, they are always prepared for an actual emergency. At the end of the day, the ebm-papst team had learnt to appreciate nature a lot better in every respect.

  • Review 2012

    „Green“ – a word that makes us think of nature

    2012-09-07 | „Green“ – a word that makes us think of nature and green forests and now technology and energy savings, too.

    Leena Ruohola

    Leena Ruohola

    ‘Every Day is a GreenDay’ shows us many ways to protect natural resources. In the office, we now have a new, efficient ventilation system and the new block heaters have a timer to ensure that we can start our car engines for our daily travel as energyefficiently as possible. From words to actions – our awareness week has moved us to ‘think green’ in everyday life.

    Leena Ruohola
    Logistics Manager
    ebm-papst Oy

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Ventilation up-grade in our office building (GreenTech EC-Fans)
    • Timer regulation in car prewarmer power poles
    • Participating in competition „Finland`s best smoking-free employer“
    • Planting a green roof on our office building to save energy (energy renovation)



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GreenDay Projects

  • Installation of heat pumps
  • Excursion archipelago

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