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    From AC to EC

    2015-05-19 |

    ebm-papst Denmark has helped 12 companies and institutions to save a huge amount of energy by switching from AC to EC fans.

    1) Jaynet:

    • The IT and telecommunications company Jaynet saves a third in energy consumption of their cooling system with the switch.
    • Along the building, there are seven large coolers, with six fans each, running 24 hours a day.

    2) Psychiatric institution Lindegården:

    • Lindegården has saved about € 37,000 respectively 50 % of their power bill thanks to the new fans from ebm-papst.

    3) Supermarket Dagli‘ Brugsen:

    • Energy consumption at the supermarket has gone down by about 15 % since Jensen Køleteknik installed energy-efficient ebm-papst fans both in the shop and in the storage rooms.
    • Altogether, 36 fans were retrofitted: 22 in the refrigerated display cases and freezer chests in the shop, and 14 in the storage rooms.

    4) Nordisk Film Cinemas:

    • In just one month, Nordisk Film Cinemas saved more than € 110,000 in energy costs by installing the new ebm-papst EC fans.  

    5) Oticon:

    • Oticon, a manufacturer of hearing aids, replaced inefficient fans in their server room by four new ebm-papst fans.  
    • Measuring the fan energy consumption before and after the switch revealed an annual saving of 11,914 kWh.

    6) Aalborg shopping centre:

    • The Aalborg shopping centre saves € 25,000 Euro per year across all the shops by switching to energy-saving ebm-papst EC fans.
    • The saving in energy is expected to be around 250,000 kWh per year.

    7) Agricultural ventilation:

    • Søren Pedersen, a pork meat producer, replaced the old fans in their pigsties with new ebm-papst EC fans.
    • The entire energy consumption for the 4,200 pigs intended for slaughtering on Pedersen’s farm has halved.

    8) University hospital Odense (psychiatric ward):

    • The psychiatric ward of the university hospital suffered problems with noise generated by the ventilation system, even though new fans had only been installed six years before then.
    • The new EC fans allow the psychiatric ward to save € 5,600 per year in energy costs.

    9) Farum Midtpunkt residential complex:

    • Now that the residential complex Farum Midtpunkt has retrofitted all of their 283 old AC fans with ebm-papst EC fans, they can enjoy savings of more than € 67,000 a year.
    • The ventilation system was up for renewal not only because it was built in the 70ies, but also because there was concern over mould infestation.

    10) Copenhagen central station:

    • The shops and restaurants at the central station in Copenhagen managed to reduce their power consumption by two thirds due to the new energy-efficient ebm-papst fans.
    • The investment has paid off within less than a year.

    11) University hospital Odense:

    • The university hospital Odense has managed to save 69 % in energy by switching to energy-efficient EC axial fans.
    • The biggest savings are down to reduced energy consumption, but repair and maintenance of the 28 fans also allow savings of € 3,400 per year.
  • District heat

    Heat from a distance

    2014-06-05 | Our subsidiary in Denmark has been using district heat for a while now. Torben Kirkholt, Managing Director of ebm-papst Denmark, explains how this works and gives the key benefits prompting the switch.

    “With district heat, the waste heat produced when generating electric power is stored and fed into a thermally insulated pipe system. This supplies households as far away as 50 kilometres with warm water and heating. For some time now, our site has been supplied like this. Going for district heat has brought us many benefits:

    1. Cutting energy costs

    The switch to this system brings our energy costs down by 22 %.

    2. Reducing CO2

    District heat reduces CO2 emission by up to 80 %, as heat and electricity are generated at the same time.

    3. Cheaper than gas

    For us as customer, district heat is always 10% cheaper than gas.

    4. Safety and redundancy

    District heat offers a high degree of safety and redundancy.

    5. Various energy sources

    The operators of the district heat power plant can switch between various energy sources to generate power and heat.

    6. Easy Maintanance

    Maintenance costs for the system are very low, as there are no moving parts.”

  • GreenTech awareness

    Each and every EC fan counts

    2013-06-10 | For the GreenDay 2013 campaign, we calculated the savings generated from our daily work. Last year, ebm-papst sold 58,757 EC fans for installation in both new and existing ventilation systems in Denmark. This translates into energy savings of 31,820 KWh per hour of fan operating time based on estimated 30% average savings in comparison to AC fans.

    This means that the EC fans sold in Denmark in one year represent a 15.2 tons reduction in emissions per hour, benefitting both the environment and the population of Denmark. EC technology can bring about huge potential savings if these figures are taken from Denmark and applied to the EU.

    Source for the kWh to CO2 conversion: Energistyrelsen

  • Review 2012

    Improved ventilation system in Denmark

    2012-06-06 | “Everyone who works in the field of energy-related renovations, as I do with our customers in Denmark, focusses daily on using green technology. GreenWeek gave us the impetus to look at our own air-conditioning system. The result: Now we use GreenTech EC technology there.

    Niels Knokgaard

    Niels Knokgaard

    By doing so, we simultaneously save electricity and money and have a better room climate. Moreover, I am glad to be able to show customers every day the various ways they can save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The GreenDay event shows our customers very clearly that we also live what we preach. And that we do indeed put our words into action.”

    Niels Knokgaard
    Market Manager
    ebm-papst DK

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Loading batteries by windpower: Connecting our own Roof Fan here at ebm-papst DK to a reloadable battery.
    • Published a energy saving story in Magazine
    • Changing our own ventilationsystem into one with EC-Technology
    • EC/ iQ technology for educational purpose
    • EC campaign for installers



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GreenDay Projects

  • Several sustainable projects at our office
  • Sell our scrap metal
  • Change our HVAC to EC technology
  • Buy a part of a new forest
  • Rent an electric car for company tasks
  • Sort the cardboard from the paper and sell it
  • Change to LED in the warehouse

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