• Sustainable meals

    Great taste – great effect

    2014-07-30 | Each day, Dietmar Jeßberger and his team serve about 1,000 lunches in the canteen in Mulfingen. Making sure sustainable ingredients are used is a matter of course for the chef.

    Mr Jeßberger, why is sustainability an important issue for the canteen in Mulfingen?

    Well, we are part of a company where sustainability, efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions are playing a central role. These principles do not only apply to our products and processes, but cover all other areas of business as well. As I see it, we here in our canteen simply do our bit to make sure we have a sustainable company.

    What does sustainable mean in terms of food?

    There are quite a number of factors to consider. I should think that cooperating closely with regional suppliers comes first, followed by abstaining from genetically engineered ingredients, and going soft on natural resources, of course. Careful use of natural resources and livestock, together with good husbandry, make sure our food production is set for long-terms benefits and does not simply focus on short-term maximisation of profit and yield. Our regional orientation has two advantages: For one, we know our suppliers a lot better, and there is also a lot less CO2 emission as we have shorter transport routes. Sustainability in terms of food to me means to be fair to nature, animals, producers, and our canteen guests, of course.

    Is sustainable food automatically more expensive than other products?

    Well, not in general, no. Take vegetables, for instance. When they are in season, regional products are a lot less expensive. Transport costs are lower, and so we get them a lot cheaper. Meat is a different thing, though. Regional and fresh produce grown and raised under fair conditions is, of course, a bit more expensive than produce coming from factory farming. However, this investment in regional produce pays off: The food we serve simply tastes great!

  • GreenDay Menue

    GreenDay recipes for you to try at home

    2014-06-05 | It is almost a tradition by now: To celebrate GreenDay , our chef de cuisine in Mulfingen, Dietmar Jeßberger, serves our staff a menu especially created for this event. Using regional and seasonal ingredients, the menu will tickle taste buds and satisfy even a gourmet palate. For starters, there is either warm asparagus salad or Franconian potato soup. The first alternative for the main course is the risotto-style Ebly soft wheat – parmesan stir-fry, the second a catfish in root-vegetable stock and the third a typical Hohenlohe beef goulash served in a bread loaf. For dessert, there is a strawberry smoothie. In case this has whetted your appetite, here are the recipes for all courses to download and try out at home.

  • Announcement

    Ready for the third round

    2014-05-07 | It is this time of the year again. On 5 June 2014, the World Environment Day, our GreenDay is set to start into the next round, bringing new life to our blog. As in the last years, our global subsidiaries will be presenting their green ideas for this day. New for 2014: Apart from all the campaigns and activities specially planned and carried out for the GreenDay by our staff, we shall also be covering the huge number of sustainable projects and commitment shown by our subsidiaries throughout the year. So you will find out more about support for cultural, scientific or sports institutions, energy-efficient reorganization or renovation of office buildings, and of course customer projects with special consideration of the sustainability concept. So stay tuned and visit our website and blog again as of 5 June, when we kick off the third round of our campaign “Every day is a GreenDay”.

  • Energy scouts seminar

    Teaching the basics

    2013-07-05 | In their two specially produced video tutorials, our energy scouts show the methods they use to save hundreds of tons of CO2 in production each year.

    Four weeks ago, trainees and training officers from ten other companies came to visit and find out more about our energy scout project. Part of the programme was learning the basics and getting first instructions on how to properly handle an infrared camera or the pressurised air leak indicator. If you are interested in how our energy scouts help save energy, watch these two video tutorials and see for yourself how easy and fascinating it can be to protect our environment.

    More information on our energy scouts project here.

  • Video

    Lively start

    2013-06-26 | Naturally, we had quite a full programme for our GreenDay at headquarters in Mulfingen. To name just a few: All members of staff were given a hessian bag with seed bags of regional plants; our senior chef Dietmar Jeßberger served a specially created GreenDay menu; and two university students presented a miniature wind power plant.

    Our trainees were happy to be given the chance to pass on their expert knowledge as energy scouts to other interested companies. And students from our local Bischof-von-Lipp school planted trees and designed creative plant and flower pots. This kaleidoscope of activities can also be watched on ebm-papst°TV.

  • GreenDay away from home

    Leaving their mark in the sand

    2013-06-20 | For our staff, GreenDay continues even when they are away on holiday. Daniela and Heiko Hagedorn from Mulfingen took their pedometers along to Fuerteventura to carry on collecting steps for our “ebm-papst in motion” drive. On the beach, they have already left their mark for our GreenDay campaign.

  • Energy scouts seminar

    Energy scouts as tutors

    2013-06-05 | Trainees and training officers from 10 companies are here today to learn all there is to know about our “Energy scouts” project. They, too, want to launch similar projects to do their fair share in protecting the environment.

    Energy scouts – these are trainees from ebm-papst who, at their own initiative, look for potential ways of saving energy. To do so, they come equipped with infrared cameras or pressurised air leak indicators. Each year, they help to save up to 470 tons in unnecessary CO2 emissions.* Per day, this is an impressive 1,300 kg! Their success story has made them famous throughout Germany and saw the project included in the 10-Point-Plan of the German Federal Secretary for the Environment, Peter Altmaier. So it comes as no surprise that other companies have expressed their interest in this concept.

    We are, of course, more than happy to support such a positive development: We invited trainees and their training officers to spend all day today with our energy saving team. Our trainees came up with an exciting programme: After the theoretical preliminaries, all future energy scouts are to lay hands on infrared cameras and go and see for themselves. There is going to be an interesting factory tour as well. After this, the visitors should be all set to enjoy similar success to the one enjoyed in Mulfingen.

    More on our energy scout project here or in the following video that was created for last year’s GreenDay:

    *The energy scouts save about 860,000 kWh annually. 1 kwH corresponds in Germany to about 0.546 kg CO2. Source: German Federal Environment Agency

  • Green Day Menue

    For GreenDay gourmets

    2013-06-03 | For this year’s GreenDay on 5 June, a special delicacy will be served in the canteen in Mulfingen: a four-course meal prepared for the occasion by canteen chef Dietmar Jeßberger with Hubert Retzbach, cook at the Jagstmühle restaurant.
    As starter they’ll serve an Italian bread salad, as intermediate course a fine herbage soup, and as main dish either asperagus with Hollandaise sauce or a venison ragout.

    You can find the complete recipes for each course right here so that you too can enjoy this culinary delight at home.

  • Pedometer

    700 registering for “ebm-papst in motion”

    2013-05-15 | Staff in Mulfingen has responded overwhelmingly positive to the pedometer drive organised for the GreenDay campaign. As suggested by the “Going green and leaving tracks” motto, all those signed up for the pedometer drive can also get their own “sustainability starter kit” as well.

    Green footprints with flower seeds

    All registered staff gets a pedometer keeping track of every step they take during the 4-week drive. In groups, they then enter a friendly competition to try and score the highest number of steps taken. Their “sustainability starter kit” in a hessian bag contains flower seeds, a little notepad and a pen. Whenever spotting some barren ground, every green activist may use the seeds to leave a track of colourful green. Naturally, the notepad may be used to record the number of steps taken each day. In keeping with our sustainability policy, everything contained in the bag has been chosen carefully: The flower seeds come from a regional supplier, the pen is made of sustainable material, and the notepad is made of certified recycling paper.

  • Review 2012

    Starting Shot in Mulfingen

    2012-04-16 | The kick-off took place on April 16th at our corporate headquarters in Mulfingen with a visit from the Minister of the Environment for the German state of Baden-Württemberg, Franz Untersteller. Our cafeterias began the campaign by offering an additional meal made exclusively of ingredients from regional suppliers. The next day, scientific journalist Ranga Yogeshwar, politician Rezzo Schlauch, environmental economist Christopher Boyd and climate researcher Hans von Storch had a pannel discussion on the topic “Ecology: a growth driver?”
    The discussion took place during an evening event at the Stauseehalle in Mulfingen. Experts offered our employees an energy consultation free of charge, employees could take our electric company car for a test drive and the “energy scouts” explained their job. ebm-papst Austria took up the campaign standard from Mulfingen. Italy, St. Georgen in the German Black Forest, Belarus, Greece and others followed – a trip around the entire world!

    The centre point was and always will be the objective of awakening the enthusiasm of our employees, customers and the public about environmental protection and sustainability and to show why GreenTech has become a success factor for ebm-papst.

    There are also a number of event ideas. Our Italian employees distributed cloth bags, for example. The employees from the Korean subsidiary will bypass the lift for two days and take the stairs instead; the Austrians traveled to work by bike, and ebm-papst Brazil plants a tree for every GreenTech EC fan sold in the current fiscal year.

    Greenday Mulfingen

    Greenday Mulfingen

    “Progress happens. Progress surprises. What is important is that progress is sustainable,” reported Ranga Yogeshwar (during a visit of ebm-papst)

    The evening event with the presentation by Ranga Yogeshwar was a highlight of the ebm-papst campaign week “Every Day is a GreenDay” in Mulfingen. Which was initiated by trainees from the company.

    Following the presentation by Ranga Yogeshwar, more than 350 employee and invited guests at the Stauseehalle intensely followed the podium discussion “Ecology – a driver of growth?”. Moderated by Dr. Marc Beise of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ranga Yogeshwar, Christopher Boyd of the European Commission, climate researcher Prof. Dr. Hans von Storch and Rezzo Schlauch, retired Parliamentary Secretary of State held a controversial and informative debate on the need for innovation, the importance of green technology and developments in European environmental policies.

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