• Russia / ebm-papst is committed to the environment

    ebm-papst Russia promotes environmental protection

    2017-01-23 |

    In Russia, ebm-papst Ural LLC personnel arranged an outdoor event in Green-Day context. more…

  • Turkey / Efficient ventilation

    ebm-papst Turkey/Akantel used efficient ventilation

    2016-09-22 |

    Before this year’s world environment, ebm-papst Turkey/Akantel was preparing to install a heat recovery unit for their sales Office.

    turkey1 turkey more…

  • Russia / Supports Orphans

    ebm-papst Russia supports Orphans

    2016-09-07 |

    Also ebm-papst Russia has a couple of charity projects. One of them is a donation for the orphanage in Fryzanio (Moscow Region). This is a special mission for us because little orphans 20160901_092837with disabilities live there. At first, we bought electronic scales and stadiometers for the children, so that the kids can measure their weight and height. more…

  • United Kingdom / Chess Food Wastage

    How ebm-papst is fighting food wastage

    2016-08-15 |

    As part of the annual GreenDay initiative, Chelmsford-based ebm-papst UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of high efficiency fan and motor products, has pledged its support to a local homeless charity in the form of food donations.Bild_GreenDayWeb_Donation


  • Austria /

    Protecting the environment and helping Kids suffering from cancer

    2016-07-13 |

    About a year ago, the ebm-papst Austria team started to collect old and empty printer cartridges in a special recycling box. more…

  • France /

    Green Day 2016 France

    2016-07-06 |


    ebm-papst France celebrated this years Green Day with a special activity. more…

  • Brazil /

    Green throughout the year

    2016-06-21 |

    ebm-papst Brazil celebrated this year’s GreenDay four times. That is, the Brazillian subsidiary planned and executed four GreenDay events on four different days. more…

  • Germany, Mulfingen /

    GreenDay 2016 in Mulfingen

    2016-06-17 |

    Of course, GreenDay 2016 was also a huge event at the headquarters in Mulfingen. Over 100 employees celebrated the event at the parking lot in Mulfingen. more…

  • United States of America / 173 kilograms of trash collected in Farmington

    Town-wide trash clean-up on April 29

    2016-05-31 |

    This year our American subsidiary, ebm-papst Inc., teamed up with the Town of Farmington and organized the annual trash clean-up in April rather than wait for the traditional GreenWeek in June. more…

  • Russia / Guardianship for two „Leon Greens“

    A new home for two chameleons

    2016-05-13 |

    Since GreenDay is a global campaign, it will also be celebrated in our Russian subsidiary, whose employees decided to become the guardians of two chameleons in the Moscow Zoo.  more…

  • Argentina / Enjoying nature on „La Candelaria“

    A „green“ day surrounded by nature

    2016-05-13 |

    ebm-papst Argentina, for GreenDay 2016, decided to literally enjoy a “green day”. more…

  • Turkey / Reducing energy consumption

    Keeping a cool head with a new air conditioning system

    2016-05-12 |

    The Turkish ebm-papst partner, Akantel Elektronik, will also participate in the 2016 GreenDay. more…

  • Sweden / Raising awareness for carbon emissions

    GreenDay is Car-free Day

    2016-05-12 |

    Throughout the last year ebm-papst Sweden has accomplished many “green” activities, most importantly, the relocation of the production facilities from Skinnskatteberg to Järfälla. more…

  • Czech Republic / Putting customers first

    Exploring Brno with ebm-papst Czech Republic

    2016-05-12 |

    ebm-papst Czech Republic  will celebrate GreenDay 2016 with several interesting and above all entertaining customer-oriented projects. more…

  • Belarus / New lamps for warehouses

    Old vs. New

    2016-05-12 |

    For ebm-papst Belarus, this year’s GreenDay is all about renewal. Therefore, the ebm-papst subsidiary in Belarus has planned to do their bit by replacing all outdated and highly energy consuming  halogen lamps in their warehouses with new and highly energy efficient LED lamps. This will drastically lower their energy consumption and therefore help to minimize ebm-papst’s “carbon footprint”.


GreenDay at ebm-papst

GreenDay is an international campaign of all global ebm-papst subsidiaries.

Around 12,000 employees show
their sustainable activities – not
only for one day but throughout the entire year.

Just like the motto says:

„Every day is a GreenDay.“

GreenDay video 2014


Energy Scouts in the USA

Three Energy Scouts from Mulfingen are from 1 to 7 June in the USA and present their project.

For environment and animals

The colleagues in the USA donate amongst others for an animal welfare organization.

New illumination

ebm-papst Ural replaced their luminescent tubes with LED lamps.

Pressing away

For GreenDay 2013, ebm-papst Russia bought and installed their own paper press.

Bike tour in São Paulo

As part of their GreenDay campaign, our staff in Brazil invited their families to team up and take a bike tour through São Paulo .

Plastic break

Our Austrian colleagues tested for one week how difficult it is to buy products without plastic.

world map ebm-papst

Events by Country

Subsidiaries from all around the world participate in the GreenDay campaign. Choose a country to find out which events are happening there.

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