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    Exploring Brno with ebm-papst Czech Republic

    2016-05-12 |

    ebm-papst Czech Republic  will celebrate GreenDay 2016 with several interesting and above all entertaining customer-oriented projects. The first project will be a training and meeting session from June 9 to June 10, at the Maximus Hotel in Brno. Moreover, ebm-papst Czech Republic will introduce new GreenTech products and new technologies as well as prepare a case study with a specialist and engineer from VUT University, Marian Formanek, PhD, to examine the newly introduced products and technologies. Afterwards, the Czech subsidiary will invite all customers and employees to a cruise on an electric ship around the Brno Dam, where food and refreshments will be served. Followed by a beach volleyball match and a visit of Villa Stiassni as well as the scientific park in Vida.

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    Solutions that will work in the long-term

    2012-05-28 | “Here in the Czech Republic, environmental awareness is slow to catch on. ‘Green’ behaviour – that is, recycling or saving energy – still is not a matter of course for us. But I am convinced that all of us will become more keenly aware of it with ‘Every day is a GreenDay’. Therefore it is also very important for us to find solutions that will work in the long-term, instead of just being successful during the GreenWeek. Previously we had hardly ever thought about the GreenTech logo, but after this week that changed dramatically.

    Martin Stejskal

    Martin Stejskal

    Now we know exactly what this philosophy means and how we can win customers over to our approach. We also share these experiences with our families and friends, however, so we can also develop ideas for behaving ‘green’ at home. It’s high time, so that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy nature that is still unspoiled.”

    Martin Stejskal
    Sales Engineer
    ebm-papst CZ

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Collection of electronic waste
    • Public transport of the sales people
    • Installation of a new air curtain, to save energy
    • Excursion to the company Ekor
      • short excursion about „how to deal with waste“
    • Presentation from Mr. Skorepa about the green village and how to save energy. Discussion about using GreenTech EC-Fans.

Czech Republic


ebm – papst CZ s.r.o.
Martin Stejskal
Kaštanová 34a
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GreenDay Projects

  • Replace Q-Motors with iQ-Motors in a Suptermarket

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