• Green throughout the year

    2016-06-21 |

    ebm-papst Brazil celebrated this year’s GreenDay four times. That is, the Brazillian subsidiary planned and executed four GreenDay events on four different days. On the first of the four days, ebm-papst Brazil employees were asked to check their desks and discard all used but unneeded papers, magazines, and documents for recycling.  On the second day, the subsidiary offered its staff a tour to the Sao Paolo Botanic Garden in order to learn more about the ecology as well as Brazil’s flora and fauna. Of course, all employees used the Sao Paolo public transportation systems to get to the Botanic Garden.

    On the third day, ebm-papst Brazil organized lectures on the GreenDay philosophy and environmental protection to inform the employees about the importance of sustainability.

    On the fourth and last day, our Brazillian colleagues were encouraged to send their ideas of how to save water, energy,and to reduce the carbon footprint. The best ideas will be rewarded with a solar charger.

    However, for ebm-papst Brazil environmental protection is not only an issue during GreenDay but throughout the entire year. Earlier in 2016, the subsidiary has replaced all conventional lamps with energy-efficient LEDs. Notwithstanding, there are more „programs“ planned for the rest of the year, such as: maintaing the material recycling program and  several lectures on GreenTech and EC-Technology.


  • Paper and water

    Against water shortage

    2015-06-03 |

    During the GreenDay week, ebm-papst Brazil has planned three campaigns for their staff.  

    On 1 June, there will be a fitness workout and a “healthy” coffee break to demonstrate how important it is for your general wellbeing to do some sports and to have a well-balanced diet.

    Tips for saving water

    On top of this, the ebm-papst trainees will give a presentation on the present shortage of water in Brazil. Background: The country is currently faced with the most dramatic water crisis in history. The drastic consequences of the crisis affect about 77 million people, especially those in the two metropolises Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – which is where our subsidiary ebm-papst Brazil is located.  The water shortage has many different reasons: excessive use, leaky lines, increased rainforest clearance, and climate changes such as absence of rain. Therefore, our colleagues living in the biggest country in South America want to highlight this acute problem and give tips on how to save water. 

    Mucking out desks

    The next day, 2 June 2015, is totally dedicated to paper.  Again, the trainees will demonstrate how much paper is being used in the office and how this amount may be reduced and how paper may be recycled optimally. The following day, 3 June 2015, every single member of staff is expected to put into practice what they learnt and to go clear their desks of all sheets of paper, magazines and other documents for recycling.

    And the entire year is also dedicated to green topics: There will be a number of presentations and seminars on “GreenTech EC Technology”.

  • Video & photo gallery

    Bike tour in São Paulo

    2014-06-16 |

    As part of their GreenDay campaign, our staff in Brazil invited their families to team up and take a bike tour. Cycling along the heavily contaminated Pinheiro river which cuts through São Paulo brought it home to all of them why protecting the environment is a necessary and vital task. The photos and the video clip were taken by our colleagues to share their impressions with you. 

  • Reusable coffee mugs

    Three cheers for our mugs!

    2013-06-07 | As part of our GreenDay drive, we organised free and personalised coffee mugs for all our staff – to refill time and again. Per year, this now translates into about 24,000 one-way cups which would have been thrown away. With our coffee mugs, this much waste is now simply – and nicely – avoided.

  • Review 2012

    If everyone takes care of nature with such enthusiasm, then our future is secured

    2012-10-05 | “The campaign was very important for us, because we could show that we assume responsibility and take the future of our planet seriously. We held, for example, a ‘day of nature’ on which all employees planted domestic trees with their families in a park.

    Katia Diniz

    Katia Diniz

    Above all, the children were excited and were proud to leave a green fingerprint with the trees. If everyone takes care of nature with such enthusiasm, then our future is secured.”

    Katia Diniz
    assistant Managing Director
    ebm-papst Motores Ventiladores Ltda.

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Workshop with employees, customers and journalist at ebm-papst Brazil about GreenTech benefits and the results achieved in around the world, especially in Brazil.
    • Plantation of typical trees – the same quantity of EC fans sold in 2011/2012 fiscal year will be reverted for reforestation.
    • Kids GreenDay, receive the visit of employee’s kids to show them the importance of GreenTech philosophy.



ebm-papst Motores Ventiladores Ltda Av. José Giorgi, 301 – B6/B7 Cotia – São Paulo

GreenDay Projects

  • Produce and distribute several releases for the media about our GreenTech technology (products and cases)
  • An activity with the employees in a green area (ride a bike / walking + picnic)
  • Seminars in schools/universities with Energy efficient theme

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