• Thinking and acting more ecology-minded

    Entertaining quiz

    2015-06-11 |

    ebm-papst Benelux wanted to raise staff awareness of GreenDay topics “Environment and energy (saving)”. 

    In October 2014, our colleagues in the Netherlands moved into their new facilities in Beek en Donk. The building already has the highest efficiency rating there is, i.e. A ++++. And since there is nothing one could improve inside or outside this building in terms of energy efficiency, it was quickly decided to focus all energy on their staff for this year’s GreenDay.

    Entertaining, relaxed, but also informative

    The idea was for the Dutch ebm-papst subsidiary to cover the vast topic of environmental awareness in a very entertaining and relaxed, yet also very informative way. How did they do this? Well, quite simply by organising a quiz! And the answers were discussed to make sure everything is understood.

    Small prizes as motivation

    To motivate all staff to participate in the event, there were a few small prizes tying in with the motto “Environment and energy (saving)” – such as a timer you can use when taking your shower.

  • Energy efficiency

    Building the green way

    2015-01-05 |

    Efficient, sustainable and modern: Our new plant near Eindhoven integrates our GreenTech philosophy – from top to bottom. Here are the special features of the newly constructed building:


    • Clad in aluminium panel, the warehouse looks modern and is also well insulated.
    • The steel facing protects the building from both cold and hot weather.
    • The shell is made of special brickwork chosen for its extra robustness and strength.


    • In order to generate part of the required energy, solar panels are installed on the roof. A voltage transformer makes the solar energy available for ebm-papst consumption.
    • The concrete roof does not only carry the solar panels. It also insulates the entire building so heat cannot escape that quickly. This also keeps the cold out.

    Heating system

    • The new building has a geothermal system transforming geothermal heat into useable energy.
    • The advantage of this regenerative energy source is that the energy required can be generated regardless of time of day or season and that heat is optimally given off via the combined underfloor heating.


    • Large windows allow plenty of daylight into the warehouse. This way, artificial light is less often required and energy can be saved.
    • In case daylight is deemed insufficient, dimmable LED lamps are automatically switched on. Their minimal energy consumption and long service life make them superior to conventional lamps.
  • GreenRide

    3 alternatives for commuters

    2014-06-27 |

    Our staff in Benelux came up with quite an extraordinary idea to mark our GreenDay: In keeping with the slogan “Green Ride”, they challenged all colleagues to get to work in a green and eco-friendly way – in any which way they liked. Be that bike, bus or even hitchhiking. Just to give you an idea of the creative response to the challenge, here are three colleagues and their alternatives: 

    Ad van Nistelrooij, Managing Director of ebm-papst Benelux:

    “I decided to go by bike, as it kills two birds with one stone – I stay fit and do something good for the environment. Unfortunately, the distance is too long to actually go to work by bike every day.”

    Rob Peeters, Product Manager at ebm-papst Benelux:

    “We decided to be eco-friendly together and share a car to get to work. It was actually great fun to commute with colleagues. This is something we are definitely going to do a lot more often in future!”

    Frank Windt, Product Manager at ebm-papst Benelux:

    “We opted for the new Tesla, an electric car, and got to work without producing any exhaust gases or noise. It was pure excitement and a real pleasure to drive. Unfortunately, the Tesla is not mine. I had rented it for the day.”

  • EC seminar

    The sound of silence

    2013-07-08 | ebm-papst Benelux decided to put energy-saving EC technology at the center of attention with their clients, prospects and other business relations. And how to better communicate our latest news on EC technology than during a seminar?

    Based on the evaluations and input from many customers after the previous seminar, we decided to pick ‘Sound’ as central theme this time. Sound is a hot topic in the industry where the most stringent requirements are imposed. For this reason, it is often difficult for lots of companies to meet all the standards. Not so for us: ebm-papst has the right knowledge and expertise in-house, with an R&D department of more than 700 people. ebm-papst Benelux loves to share this knowledge and expertise with the world, and so a new technological seminar was born. The name of the seminar was obvious: The sound of silence!

    The latest innovations in the field of sound and flow technology were presented by our EC expert Frank Windt together with the R & D team leader from our headquarters in Mulfingen, Oliver Haaf. Topics discussed during the seminar were: Sound in general, fan characteristics, Radical / RadiPac / AxiTop, selector software, EC-Control, FanWall, assembly and inflow effects.

    Over 80 enthusiastic participants listened attentively and had the biggest interest in the topics that were discussed during the seminar. Their interaction level was high and the atmosphere rather informal. We take it the seminar was successful, and so do the participants according to the evaluation forms they filled in. We have come to know that a seminar is the perfect way for us to inform our business relations about the latest developments and products, so we are definitely going to organize seminars like this on a yearly basis.

  • Review 2012

    Make the GreenTech philosophy come more alive

    2012-11-05 | “It was our objective to make the GreenTech philosophy come more alive for the employees, our customers and our direct environment. We began with a kick-off meeting on GreenTech, including an organic lunch for all employees.

    Yvon van Beuningen

    Yvon van Beuningen

    For students of electrical engineering, we held a very successful course on EC technology, and at a primary school there was a workshop on saving energy. Our employees went car-free for a day and presented many green ideas to each other. These ideas should become standard principles for us and for our customers.”

    Yvon van Beuningen
    Marketing & Communication
    ebm-papst Benelux B.V.

    Other Events of the Subsidiary:

    • Presentation: EC technique at ROC Ter Aa, Helmond
    • We want to involve the school’s in the surroundings of ebm-papst in our GreenWeek. For that reason we will give a presentation about EC technique for the students of the education Electro technics from the MBO (community college). We want to explain why our fans and motors can contribute to saving energy.
    • A sustainability advisor from NUON will provide information to all our employees about how we can all save energy at home. NUON is a very important player in the Dutch energy market
    • All employees will come to work by bike or by public transport.
    • Green Future: Today we will also start to discuss and write about a project plan for how we can continue these green activities in the future.
    • How to save energy at primary school Loeswijk, Mierlo. We will give a short lesson to the children from the primary school Loeswijk. We will give them some general information about how they can save energy and why that is so important.



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