• Enjoying nature on „La Candelaria“

    A „green“ day surrounded by nature

    2016-05-13 |

    ebm-papst Argentina, for GreenDay 2016, decided to literally enjoy a “green day”.

    The employees will spend the entire day on the “La Candelaria” ranch surrounded by trees, plants, and vegetation. But they won’t only sit around the entire day; instead the ebm-papst Argentina employees will use the day to be physically active — riding horses and bicycles, organize soccer matches as well as a hike through the nearby forest and also, unsurprisingly, enjoy typical Argentinian food. Most importantly however, ebm-papst Argentina will elucidate the ranch owners the environmental and economic benefits of LED lamps and replace the ranch’s conventional lamps by such LED lamps.

  • Newsletter

    Hot off the presses

    2013-05-28 | This is the first edition of our newsletter „Green Break“. Through it and its subsequent editions, we want to raise awareness about to take a break not only to read the newsletter, but also to think about the environment, and to begin or continue to act in a positive way.

    Caring for the environment is the responsibility of each of us, especially now that global warming, water disposal, deforestation, patterns of production and consumption, among other problems, are major challenges for humanity.

    In this edition, we invite you to read about how different activities carried out by ebm-papst Argentina have helped to contribute to the environment. Click on the image below to download the PDF file.

  • Review 2012

    Planting trees in the city of Buenos Aires

    2012-08-25 | “Thanks to ‘Every Day is a GreenDay’, we were able to show our customers and the public how important environmental protection is.

    For example, we held a presentation at a school in order to showcase the campaign and the green philosophy, and we planted trees in the city centre of Buenos Aires. We balance out our CO2 emissions this way.

    Jesica Roncoli (Assistant to the Managing Directors, ebm-papst Argentina S.A.)

    Jesica Roncoli

    Aside from that, we have been trying to save or recycle as much paper as possible since the campaign started. Overall, you could say we learned how you can do small things to make the world better and greener.”

    Jesica Roncoli
    Assistant to the Managing Directors
    ebm-papst Argentina S.A.

    Other Events of the Subsidiary in 2012:

    • GreenDay presentation at a Secondary School
    • „Tree Day“
    • Recycling paper in the office




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GreenDay Projects

  • Sponsoring of the American Congress on Air-Conditioning Technologies and Refrigeration

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